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What causes oily skin?

Many people notice that their face can become very oily over the course of the day. The most common method to get
rid of this oil layer is to take a shower or simply wipe one’s face with a wet cloth. While there are many causes of
oily skin, the biggest underlying cause is heredity. Skin that produces lots of oil can be passed down through the
generations. A general list of the causes of oily skin is as follows:

  • Oily skin is usually genetically related. A higher or lower number of glands in the skin that produce oil can
    run in the family. A person with more oil on the skin will likely have more breakouts.

  • Stress or hormonal changes can cause the skin to produce more oil in response.

  • Using aggressive skin cleansers can excessively dry out the skin, causing the body to produce
    unnecessary amounts of oil in response to try to moisturize the skin.

  • Medications, especially ones that affect the hormones, may cause an increase in skin oil production.

  • Increase in heat or just seasonal variations can cause the skin to become oilier. Winter conditions may dry
    out the skin, leading to more oil production to compensate.

  • Using too many skin care products may cause the skin to become too oily. Try not to apply too many
    cleansers or scrubs to the skin. Additionally, one should clean the skin at most three times a day.
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There are 3 major steps involved in get rid of oily face

1) Beautiful skin needs better nutrients with anti-aging benefits to roll back the clock for further improve complexion
and reduce imperfections. The early-stage plant embryo stem cell extract contain different mechanisms can help to
trigger a response from the skin cells in the form of control and balance facial oil from overproduction to affect skin
to produce less oil by stimulating the cells themselves fall back to normal stage. The cutting edge stem cell serum
help with the body's self-healing ability to the factors that are fundamental to oily skin can be corrected at roots. With
the unique concept of the cell therapy technique targeted the skin cells to reduce the over-efficiency of the oil glands
to balance face oil output. Overactive sebum glands related to aging, stress, fatty foods, excess moisture, acne and
breakouts. Recent studies have shown that by By increasing cell's metabolism to better skin quality can strengthen
skin cell functions and also improve the overall skin tones and appearance. There are many of benefits for both the
inside and outside of skin cells and tissues advantageous for reducing sebum secretions which also helps to fight
against inflammation acne breakout that cause unpleasant look. Learn more about the all natural plant cells serum
to achieve restoration with superior results:
ABLE Total Rejuvenation Serum

2) Collagen is the structural protein provides support in human body. It is an essential component to maintain skin  
health. All we know, aging related hormonal that may involve the organs and skin cells and  tissues, also can affect
the oily secretion. The collagen ratio in the skin drops might result of defective sebum.  Collagen contain certain key
nutrients and amino acids that perform hundreds of roles in skin to enhance its own ability to rebuild damaged cell
and tissue growing to support healthy skin in reducing sebum overproduction to prevent blackheads build up. Also,
as we grow older, our skin degrades elasticity is linked to poor tissues structure from lost nutritional support. High
collagen consummation can help further to restore of anti-aging for repairing worn out in cells of addiction recovery
to its healthy stage. To learn more about the collagen nutrients that work for overall improvement in both inside and
outside of your skin:
Lisse France Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

3) Proper nutrients intake can improve skin health in reducing sebum secretions. Daily consuming high amount of
antioxidant can play a prominent role in skin appearance by improving skin elasticity and skin structure. The current
studies have shown antioxidants have certain essential nutrients can help to enhance the body's ability by boosting
health metabolism in skin immunity from proper nourishment providing superior benefits, it's particularly for healthy
skin tone and texture. However, the improvement of appearances not only of targeting on the surface of the skin but
also entirely cell and tissues by improving the common conditions from outbreak of acne, acne bacteria, clumps of
dead skin cells, excess oil on the skin and hormonal imbalance etc. Regular diets can't provide a complete picture
of antioxidant capacity for skin healthy. Check out the following link to learns more about the super antioxidants food
supplements for prevention and treatment:
ABLE Ovine Placenta Cell Softgels (US Exclusive Formula

Interesting facts about ancient Egyptians and traditional Chinese  medical theories and practices in using placenta
to promote general health over thousands of years. The powerful and fascinating energy that can help to restore the
ability to repair cell damage and speed up skin wound healing process are still something of a mystery to us. Read
more about the full functionality of sheep placenta that can help to slow the aging process to transformed into more
fresher and younger looking skin:
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Cell therapy has been known to help reverse many genetic disorders since its discovery in the
1970’s. Scientists have found many ways in which this new technology can be used to benefit
humans. The basic technique used in modifying genetic material to treat or prevent disease is to
either repair or replace a faulty gene. The goal of cell therapy is to overcome the effects of
mutations responsible for genetic disorders. Genetic empowerment is happening today and will
soon be coming to the future of human evolution.
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Normal ways to stop oily skin

There are many ways to stop oily skin, especially in the face. Some of these methods include using oily skin
treatment cleansers and scrubs. Others include basic lifestyle changes and diet changes. Oily skin care, however,
may not produce a drastic effect for everybody as the conditions of every individual varies. Despite this, these
general tips to preventing an oily face can indeed produce some degree of change.

  • Try to stay away from greasy or oily foods. Consuming oily foods can lead to oily buildups on the skin.

  • Wash the face no more than three times a day in order to relieve blocked pores and to wash away excess
    oil. Washing the face twice a day is recommended.

  • Use mild cleansers and soaps that do not dry out the skin. Harsh soaps that cause dryness, leading the
    skin to produce excessive oil to counterbalance the moisture difference.

  • Acne can also cause excess facial oil. Hence, treating the acne can result in less oil deposition on the skin.

  • You can also avoid an oily face through exercise. Working out can relieve stress and balance out the
    hormones that are responsible for increased oil production.

  • Using the appropriate moisturizers for oily skin after showering can stop the body from overreacting to dry
    skin by producing unnecessary amounts of natural oil.

As stated previously, the effectiveness of these methods may vary among different individuals. Additionally, simply
cleaning off the oil layer in the skin surface does not produce any lasting changes in the level of oil production in the
skin tissue. This is also of particular concern as some of these conventional methods of treating oily skin can over-
work the skin, leading to inelasticity of the skin cells in the future.
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