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What causes skin blemishes?

Skin blemishes are mostly characterized as discolorations, imperfections or growths on the surface of the skin.
Most of these skin blemishes are harmless though they might be aesthetically unpleasing. Most of these
blemishes develop and remain as the skin gets older. Birthmarks and sun spots are common forms of skin
blemishes that are due to a change in pigmentation, otherwise known as the substance that gives color to the skin.
Some skin blemishes such as acne may come and go over time and other types of spots such as freckles may
remain for the duration of one’s lifetime. Skin blemishes may also be caused by more severe conditions that may
not be innate such as:

  • Diseases such as Lyme disease that may cause an allergic reaction in the skin.

  • Chicken pox or other viral infections.

  • Autoimmune disease such as lupus that changes the coloration of the skin.

  • Bacterial skin infections.

  • Liver diseases that may cause discoloration in the skin and eyes.

Skin blemishes caused by such diseases or chronic conditions are usually treated by antibiotics. Home remedies
and skin cleansers are not effective ways to treat non-benign illnesses.
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Clear blemish that can be accomplished in 3 major steps

1) Your skin need proper nutrients to improve its metabolism and skin immunity for further improve complexion and
reduce imperfection. The early-stage plant embryo stem cells extracts with confidences to even out the complexion,
clear up acnes, pimples, zits, blemishes, and blackheads on face is by using the cutting edge stem cell techniques
serum can help to smooth out the skin color tone in treating with skin concerns such as excess oil, large pores and
dehydration that caused prone acne leading to blemishes. The benefits were seen in better refined skin texture that
level out rough or damaged skin. Acne can be controlled with reducing excess facial sebum and lower the amount
of bacteria found in the skin at increased risk of developing skin infections. The unique concept of the micro extract
technology is highly advantageous due to it having multiple benefits to achieve youthful and crystal clear skin. Click
the following link to learn more about the anti-aging capacities in serum with the smallest biological plant cells that
capable of maintaining skin quality and regrow:
ABLE Total Rejuvenation Serum

2) Facial blemishes can indeed be reduced by several ways work together into both epidermis and dermis levels to
improve the skin’s texture. Collagen is key structural protein that can to nourish skin which results in increased skin
elasticity also boost skin hydration that support skin healthy structures. Regularly high consumption of collagen can
help further to effect in repairing and maintaining skin cells and tissues to its healthy stage. As the years go by, skin
that has lots changes and some of those changes can affect the skin color also the physical appearance. Collagen
ratio in the skin drop might bring down the overall skin's functions. Collagen certain a variety vitamins and nutrients
benefits different types of  blemishes that reduce blemishes and future acne breakouts. Food sources don't provide
much natural rich protein to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. It may be difficult to get enough collagen and other
vital nutrients from foods. If body can't find enough nutrients from diets. Learn more about the deep sea collagen for
overall improvement in both the skin and tissues:
Lisse France Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

3) The proper nutrients intake can improve skin health to prevent acne blemishes. Daily consuming high amount of
antioxidant can play a prominent role in skin appearance by improving skin elasticity and skin structure. The current
studies have shown antioxidants have certain essential nutrients can help to enhance the body’s ability by boosting
health metabolism in skin immunity from proper nourishment providing superior benefits, it's particularly for healthy
skin tone and texture. However, the improvement of appearances not only of targeting on the surface of the skin but
also entirely cell and tissues by improving the common conditions from outbreak of acne, acne bacteria, clumps of
dead skin cells, excess oil on the skin and hormonal imbalance etc. Regular diets can't provide a complete picture
of antioxidant capacity for skin healthy. Check out the following link to learns more about the super antioxidants food
supplements for prevention and treatment:
ABLE Ovine Placenta Cell Softgels (US Exclusive Formula

Ancient Egyptians and traditional Chinese medicine offers a wide range of practices in placenta to promote general
health over thousands of years. The powerful and fascinating energy that can help to restore body's ability to repair
damaged cells and speed up skin wound healing process are still something of a mystery to us. Learn more about
the full functionality of sheep placenta that can help to slow the aging process to transformed into more fresher and
younger looking skin:
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Normal ways to clear blemishes and rejuvenate the skin

Skin blemish removal using blemish removers, cleansers and toners is a strong albeit exhausting method to
remove skin blemishes, or more specifically facial blemishes. These techniques are capable of removing
temporary and harmless skin blemishes such as oily buildups and preventing other such unpleasant skin growths.

  • Clean the skin with a liquid cleanser not more than three times a day. Skin breakouts are caused by oil in
    the pores, not surface dirt so deep cleaning is the best method.

  • Avoid using soaps or cleansers that contain irritating chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol.

  • Use only oil free lotion if moisturizing is necessary. If the skin is too dry, avoid skin cleansers.

  • Rinse the skin thoroughly after washing.

  • Do not wipe the skin dry, only pat it down with a towel to avoid aggravating the skin.

  • Wear soft clothing that does not irritate or rub against the skin.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure as UV rays can damage the skin.

Although these methods for blemish removal and prevention can be effective, the act of cleaning the skin vigorously
often aggravates the surface of the skin. Medications and antibiotic supplements can also be taken to further
improve the skin, but may also contain side effects and might also limit the range of one’s lifestyle.

While external cleaning of the skin may temporarily improve the current condition of the cells in the skin by removing
particulates and oils, these methods are often difficult to carry out and may not fully solve the fundamental problem
in the skin. Other conventional blemish treatments that are based on the idea of vigorous cleaning also have the
same problem.
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