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What causes impotence & erectile dysfunction?

How to cure impotence is among the most challenging issues of men’s health. In fact the challenge of how to treat
impotence has made impotence a major issue of men’s health which is also known to have a great psychological
impact. As many healthcare experts rightly point out, the psychological impact of impotence in men is much greater
than the actual disorder itself. The impotence treatment is nothing but the erectile dysfunction treatment for men,
erectile dysfunction is the technical usage for impotence which also suggests that this is a gender specific
disorder. There could be the possibility of impotence in women as well, but is not commonly noted and discussed
as it is in the case of men.

Erectile dysfunction in men could be either temporary or even permanent. Permanent impotence is mostly due to
the hormonal disorders which could be corrected if identified at an early stage of developing secondary sexual
characters in boys. The temporary impotence has many reasons which can be easily treated even with home
remedies for impotence. The impotence treatments that are known in order to treat erectile dysfunction are based
upon the symptoms presented in men with challenges to perform normal sexual activity. Natural ways to overcome
erectile dysfunction have been tried conventionally and some of the impotence natural remedies are very impactful,
considering the fact that impotence in men is easily reversible.

  • The causes for impotence could range from hormonal deficiency or imbalances to underlying medical
    conditions. Most of the time stress and related emotional challenges might make it appear to be a situation
    that is impotence in men, but when there is an extended problem, it is natural to consider it as a serious
    concern affecting men’s sexual health and overall wellbeing.

  • Pre-existing heat disease along with conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes
    and obesity are well known pre-existing healthcare challenges that can potentially impact the sexual activity
    in men, causing impotence and erectile dysfunction.
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Signs and symptoms of impotence

Impotence is a men’s health related condition which need not be considered as a disease or even a disorder. It is
also a common challenge revolving around the risks of age factor and several other disease conditions.

  • The signs and symptoms are not very complex when it comes to erectile dysfunction, the only prominent
    symptom is the inability to achieve erection and sustain the same to the effect of participating in a sexual

  • It is of course classified as occasional and frequent dysfunction, while occasional erectile dysfunction is
    pretty much common and need not be concerned about; frequent erectile dysfunction needs an expert
    support from a physician.

  • There are certain prescribed self examinations of erectile dysfunction which can provide some direction to
    men to determine if they are likely to be impotent. There are also advanced and sophisticated tests that help
    in medically determining the impotence or erectile dysfunction.
Preventive and remedial measures to avoid impotence

Impotence could be prevented, avoided and delayed by all possibilities. It is indeed easier to figure out the
possibility of frequent and permanent erectile dysfunction, relating to its cause can further help in identifying the
preventive measures very well. If the cause is psychological in nature which is driven by stress and emotional
distress, avoiding situations that lead into stress and emotional issues is the best remedial measure. For those
men in whom erectile dysfunction is due to health conditions such as the heart disorders, it is better to work on
weight loss and maintain a routine schedule of physical activity in order to prevent impotence.

Care and lifestyle suggestions to prevent Impotence

Lifestyle suggestions are directed towards helping men to regulate their lifestyle preferences which help them in
finding themselves physically and emotionally fitness. Overall or holistic fitness is the real recipe to prevent
impotence or erectile dysfunction. To that effect quitting or considerably limiting smoking and alcohol consumption
would help. Similarly, outdoor physical activities such as involving in outdoor spots can help the men to stay
refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated. Avoiding situations that are very exhaustive in nature can facilitate in
preventing impotence, it could be either excess pressure at work or tensed up overall lifestyle.  

Dietary suggestions to prevent Impotence

The role of healthy diet in preventing or delaying erectile dysfunction is very vital and significant. Making a list of
foods to avoid which contain excess fat, slats, sugars and oils is the first step to begin with so as to ensure healthy
diet. Milk and dairy products are known to have proven capacity to enhance physical and emotional health to the
extent of enhancing sexual ability in men.
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