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Ulcerative Colitis is an inflammatory disease or disorder that involves the colon and rectal regions. When a patient
is presented with Ulcerative Colitis, it will be recognized with inflammation or ulcers alongside the large intestine.
The large intestine is otherwise called as Colon in technical terms. The diagnosis of this disorder is possible
below the age of thirty years. It can be mild, moderate or severe based on the extent of infection, in severe cases,
the inflammation is spread all over the colon where as it is restricted to the lining of colon or large intestine in mild

The causes of this disease are not precisely known and are contemplated based on various physical factors and
personal health background of different patients. In general, the Ulcerative Colitis causes are attributed to the
excessive response of the immune system to fight the common bacteria available in the intestinal region. It can
also be caused by certain bacteria or virus, specifically affecting the colorectal region. Crohn’s disease is often
compared with Ulcerative Colitis because of the symptoms, presentation and causes are similar in both these
conditions. The only difference with Crohn’s disease is that it is spread across the whole intestine, where as the
Ulcerative Colitis is restricted to colorectal region, otherwise the complete disease profiling is similar for both these
conditions. Issues pertaining to how to treat Ulcerative Colitis or how to cure Ulcerative Colitis are precisely
depending on the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis symptoms and focusing on Ulcerative Colitis natural remedies.
The Ulcerative Colitis diet and Ulcerative Colitis home treatment are of great academic and practical interest.
Symptoms of ulcerative colitis

Based on the extent of which the disease has progressed, the clinical presentation of symptoms would vary.

  • In the initial stages, complaints of diarrhea which is presented with blood can be suspected for Ulcerative
    Colitis. Its severity can be established if mucus is also observed along with diarrhea mixed with blood. This
    condition exists for an extended period of several weeks, which is caused due to inflammation.

  • Rectal examination shall also reveal the presence of blood which is nothing but the blood loss from the
    gastrointestinal track. In certain cases of Ulcerative Colitis, anemia is a commonly observed condition
    which is also associated with weight loss.

  • In some of the rare scenarios, painful or arthritic knees can also indicate the possibility of Ulcerative Colitis.
    Many consider this as a secondary symptom or even an indication of the disease condition being severe.

  • Apart from the observation of blood and excessive anemia, pain in the belly or stomach region with
    excessive cramps shall be an early indicator of the onset of Ulcerative Colitis. In most of the cases, cramps
    are presented along with diarrhea. Other symptoms include loss of appetite, fever and constipation.
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Care and lifestyle suggestions to treat ulcerative colitis

The treatment of Ulcerative Colitis is treated well with medications and surgical intervention is also an option in
case of severe damage caused to the large intestine.

  • Iron supplementation is a well preferred treatment option that has the potential to induce remission of the
    disease. Because, the primary objective or the treatment is to ensure remission and arrest the possibilities
    of relapse, iron supplementation as a preferred treatment option seems logical.

  • There is also another accepted treatment option called fecal bacteriotherapy which is given at a prolonged
    phase to restore the necessary bacterial action in the colon. It is also called as bacterial re-colonization.

  • Home care and alternative or natural remedies would help in treating Ulcerative Colitis very effectively, in fact
    home care is suggested after an initial round of consultation with the physician to confirm the disease
    status through diagnostic procedure.

  • Not all foods are conducive during the time of blood loss and diarrhea, so it is better to make note of foods
    that are troublesome and avoid the same. It is also recommended to have a simple diet without any added
    spices, slats and peppers.

  • Fish oil and derivatives of fish oil are recommended for curing this disorder as fish oil derivatives have the
    potential to arrest the anemia and other related complications.

  • Therapy with helminthes and boswellia are also among the most recommended natural options for the
    home treatment and management of Ulcerative Colitis.
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