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Ways to prevent & reduce the risk of asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease of air passage inflammation, which makes breathing difficult. Due to extra production
of mucus, air passage is inflamed. Mucus temporarily narrows down the airways that supply oxygen to the lungs.
There are several other causes, which are held responsible for triggering asthma attack. However, here are the
main causes of asthma. To know about how to relieve asthma symptoms, thorough knowledge about symptoms
and care options is essential.

Research on asthma patients reveals that 80% of people who are suffering from this disease, are allergic to
various airborne substances like grass, dust mites, pollens and cockroach particles. Another study reveals that
children who have exposure to cockroach droppings in their rooms are four times more prone to childhood asthma
attack. This is in comparison with those children who have low levels of cockroach droppings. Food allergies are
also responsible for mild to severe signs of asthma. And the common foods, which are known for food allergies
are cow milk, eggs, wheat, fish, shrimp and peanuts. Preservatives of food can also trigger isolated asthma.
Sodium bisulphate, potassium bisulphate, potassium meta-bisulphate and sodium sulfide are generally used in
the preservation of food items. These preservatives can trigger asthma in sensitive people. Regular smokers are
prone to asthma and if you smoke during the asthma attack, and then it can make your symptoms worse such as
coughing and wheezing. Pregnant mothers must stay away from smoking as it will increase the risk of wheezing in
their babies.
Vitamins and supplements that may help to improve asthma
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Researchers found the antioxidant foods contain several different multi vitamins and minerals can play a huge role
in helping with the person with asthma. A healthy respiratory system needs good nutrients arming immunity strong
and healthy. Amongst the vitamins and nutrients from foods such as  zinc and fish oil beneficial to lung health. If the
daily consumption of nutrients form raw fruits and vegetables are not enough to support body's need. Your immune
system may lost responses to support the healthy cells and provide energy to fight against the respiratory diseases
that cause inflammatory problems including lung pain. Vitamins and minerals are necessary nutrients that perform
hundreds of roles in the body to enhance self-healing ability to rebuild the damaged cell and tissues in lungs while
using properly. Antioxidants are capable of resulting in regeneration to achieve better treatment results. If your body
can't find enough nutrients from diets. It may downright dangerous for health. Please be noted that before order the
right health supplements or nutrients. It's better talk to health experts or professionals. Read more about the super
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Signs & symptoms of asthma

Asthma starts with the inflammation of bronchial tubes and patients experience the tightening of the airways,
inflammation of air passage or congestion of air passage due to mucus. The common symptoms of asthma are:

  • Shortness of breath (breathing difficulty).
  • Tightness in chest or pressure and sometimes pain.
  • Wheezing (bronchospasm).
  • Coughing (dry cough).

It is not necessary that every asthma patient may experience the same symptoms in the same order. They may
have one or two symptoms at a time or different symptoms at different times. Thus the symptoms of an individual
may differ from one asthma attack to the other. It may hit you badly for the first time and mildly on the next. Some
people live without any problem or asthma attack for extended periods of time. Whereas some people encounter
these attacks on regular intervals, it may be on a daily basis. Many people feel the aggravation in the symptoms
during exercise or cardiovascular activities. In case of mild asthma attack the air passage unblocks within a few
hours, but severe asthma attack may be troublesome and require immediate medical attention. Therefore, it is
advised to recognize and treat even the mild asthma symptoms. This will keep the severe asthma attack at bay.
Care and lifestyle suggestions to get rid of asthma

The issue regarding how to cure asthma can be well addressed through medical as well as lifestyle options. By
having the right information you can manage your asthma symptoms on a regular basis. It is also important to
understand that when to call a doctor to avoid an emergency situation. In depth knowledge on this topic will provide
you a deep insight into asthma treatment. Medically, they recommend anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids to
inhale. This is the most common-yet effective treatment for people suffering with asthma. These drugs reduce the
swelling and mucus production in the air passage as a result of which it becomes less sensitive. Bronchodilators
relieve asthma symptoms by relaxing the tightened muscles around the air passage. Oxygen flow is resumed
without any obstruction and patient feels better.

Below mentioned natural cures in asthma home remedies

  • Garlic - This wonderful natural remedy is used in many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. Its
    anti-inflammatory properties are well known that is why it must be included in your daily diet.

  • Ginger - This also helps in reducing inflammation of the respiratory canal and helps in airway contraction.
    Some of its compounds have the capability to enhance the muscle relaxing effects.

  • Mustard Oil - Mustard oil massage also provides clearance of respiratory passages.

  • Fig - Fig has wonderful properties, which strengthen the respiratory organs and helps the body system to
    drain phlegm.

If you are an asthma patient, it doesn’t mean that you cannot stay active. A regular physical activity can strengthen
your lungs and respiratory organs. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and maintain your ideal body weight.
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