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What causes blackheads?

A blocked pore in the skin is a “comedo”, more commonly referred to as a blackhead. It is a result of the body’s
dead skin and natural oils blocking the opening of the pore. Bacteria is also an essential component of
blackheads. Externally, it appears as a blackened or yellowish spot that usually occurs on the nose area.

Blackheads are believed to be a component of acne as they can later form pimples. Blackheads commonly occur
upon puberty when the body overproduces natural oils, causing these blemishes. While this oil is usually
beneficial to the skin as a lubricant and moisturizer, excessive oil can cause bacteria buildup leading to
blackheads. These blocked pores often contain melanin, a substance that is responsible for the black coloration.
Hence, the dark color of blackheads is not an indication of being dirty as frequent cleaning cannot usually even
remove them.

People with more oily skin are more likely to have blackheads though blackheads can be found in any type of skin.
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There are 3 main steps can help to improve the condition of blackheads

1) Adequate nutrition is vital to the skin health and elasticity. The cell therapy serum can help to improve blackheads
By supporting healthy skin structures for further improve complexion and reduce imperfections. With the early-stage
plant embryo stem cell extract it's one of the best skin vitamins to boost up skin metabolism helping regenerate the
skin to encourage them to regenerate new. The high antioxidants facial serum beneficial to overall skin health also
provide nourishment to nourish skin cells to reduce blackheads without any antibiotics, and aid to regulate the pore
size and shape for blocking oily buildups by maintaining a steady level of moisture inside skin tissue to discourage
blackheads. Skin renewal is possible through these changes of the epidermis effectively manage surface skin oils
levels means less skin oils to clog up pores in the skin surface but without causing of dry, to keep your face looking
fresh and fabulous. The cutting edge stem cell rejuvenation serum utilize micro extract technology targeting specific
cell by restoring a younger to crystal clear spotless skin in slow down the formation of new blackheads that give the
skin its strength and elasticity. To read more about the super combination:
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2) Collagen is a natural protein component of skin structure and function which contain its own unique combination
of amino acids including hydroxyproline, glycine and proline. Together, collagen and elastin keep connective tissue
firm and affect the skin color of the appearance. Collagen ratio drops in skin that may create fine lines and wrinkles.
Recent studies have shown consuming collagen rich foods can effectively in reverse the signs of aging on the face
by boosting collagen production to enhance the body's ability and maintaining the integrity of the extracellular matrix
is essential for a youthful skin appearance to minimize rough texture cause blackheads build up. It is terribly hard to
get enough collagen and other vital nutrients from foods, if our body can't find enough nutrients from diets. Click the
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3) The proper nutrients intake can improve skin health to prevent blackheads naturally. Consuming large amount of
antioxidant regularly can play a huge role in managing skin conditions. It's definitely possible to change skin quality
into much better than its. By maintaining health metabolism in boosting skin immunity from high antioxidants intake
that benefits to overall skin health. However, improvement of appearances not only of targeting on the surface of the
skin but also entirely skin tissues health that may be common caused by overproduce sebum that exposes sebum
in oxidation turning black and that dead skin cells block the hair follicle. Normal diet can't provide a complete picture
of antioxidant capacity for skin healthy. Check the link as below to read more information on super antioxidants food
supplements for prevention and treatment:
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Ways to remove blackheads

There are many methods of blackhead removal and home remedies for blackheads. Getting rid of blackheads,
especially nose blackheads which are the most common can be assisted by daily lifestyle improvements.

  • Try not to touch your face as it can deposit more oil and dirt onto the face.

  • Clean the skin around the affected areas twice a day to limit the amount of oil and bacteria buildup on the

  • Beware of the amount of moisturizers one applies to their face. Over-moisturization can lead to the
    development of blackheads.

  • Drink plenty of water every day, up to 10 glasses of water.

  • Eliminate foods with high oil and sugar content as these can cause excess oil accumulation and bacterial
    growth. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially ones that are yellow or orange.

These same methods may be used to help stop the future development of blackheads in the face. While these
methods are generally effective at removing blackheads, they are only marginally effective at fully preventing the
formation of blackheads due to the fact that the size and chemical composition of the pores have not changed.
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