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What Causes of Dark Under Eye Circle and Black Eye Bags

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What causes dark under-eye circles?

Dark under-eye circles are usually caused by a buildup of water underneath the eye sockets. These “bags” under
the eyes can be caused by temporary conditions such as seasonal allergies or nasal congestion. The reason that
dark circles form under the eye is that the skin near the eye is very thin and the eye can also produce a great deal of
water. This combination may sometimes lead to a noticeable water accumulation in that area. Noticeable dark
under-eye circles can be permanent for some people. Additional causes of dark under-eye circles are:

  • Fatigue
  • Aging
  • Genetic inheritance (may run in the family)
  • Rubbing or scratching the area around the eyes
  • Being a person of color such as Asians or blacks
  • Sun exposure
  • Eczema
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Younger and smooth looking skin can be accomplished in 3 main steps.

1)Collagen is the key structural protein in skin which in containing essential unique combination with high levels of
amino acid supports muscle tissues. As we age, our body have lots of changes, the collagen ratio in the skin drops
that create dry and wrinkles, some of the changes can be caused hyperpigmentation leading to black circles under
eyes. Collagen can enhance the body's self healing ability to support skin healthy to reduce dark under eyes circles
build up. It may difficult to get as much as collagen protein from food sources for dark under eyes treatments. If skin
can't absorb enough the key nutrients from diets. Click for more information about collagen supplement of the most
important nutrients for maintaining healthy skin around the eyes:
Lisse France Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

2) Skin need the right nutrients to increase elasticity by supporting healthy structures for further improve complexion
and reduce imperfections. The early-stage plant embryo stem cell extract contain different mechanisms can help to
protect skin from aging and promote better blood circulation. The cutting edge stem cell technique can help to even
out color tone of the skin for reduction of discoloration and unsightly spots that capable to enhance the body's ability
to maintain skin healthy, assist to fight under eye dark circles and puffy eyes. The rejuvenation serum utilize natural
plant cell structures to tighten skin around the eyes and also reduce additional wrinkles formed by under-eye bags,
also help to reduce swelling and dark under-eye circles of other symptoms. The unique concept of the micro extract
technology is highly advantageous due to it having multiple benefits to the treated areas. Check out more about the
best combination therapy in safe and natural way to support anti-aging skin cell for rejuvenation properties healing
age-related factors causing dark under eye circle:
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3) Recent studies have shown that antioxidant rich food can slow down the aging process significantly. Commonly
skin problems are caused by a combination of factors, such as age, stress, over sun exposure, large pores or poor
texture in lack of nutrition. Antioxidants contain necessary vitamins and minerals to the immune system can help to
improve quality of skin to promote restoring elasticity to the skin that has been worn out over time. The vitamins and
minerals are essential nutrients that perform hundreds of roles in the body to enhance self-healing ability to rebuild
damaged cells and tissues while using properly. When our skin lose the underlying support that leading to wrinkle
under eyes and dark circles. Normal foods can't  provide with all the nutrients your skin needs. Check out the latest
implementation and support from the super antioxidants food supplements for prevention and treatments for black
circles under eyes home remedies:
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Ways to treat dark under-eye circles

Dark under-eye circle treatment may not only warrant lifestyle changes, they may also be linked to more serious
health issues. General tips to ward off temporary bags underneath the eyes include getting enough sleep, avoiding
particulates that may cause one to shed tears and not touching one’s face. Other remedies include:

  • Heavy alcohol consumption can dehydrate the body by weakening the delicate skin around the eyes. This
    makes it more likely for bags to form around the eyes.

  • Treating hay fever (when the nasal passage become inflamed) using over the counter medication to reduce
    its effects. Hay fever commonly causes bags under the eyes in addition to a stuffy nose.

  • Sleep in a different position, especially if you sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach may cause
    water to build up under your eyes overnight. If sleep is a major factor in causing dark circles, adding an extra
    pillow underneath the head may help lead water away from the eyes.

  • Use water vapors or other medications to try to get rid of the sinus congestion. This may also relieve the
    water buildup around the eyes.

  • Dark under-eye cream may help tighten up the skin around the area to decrease the chance of water

If dark circles underneath the eyes persist over a long period of time or after trying these treatments, it may be time
to see the doctor as these bags may be symptoms of thyroid or kidney complications.
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