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Rosacea causes and symptoms

Rosacea, also referred to as acne rosacea, is characterized by redness in the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks.
Often times, bumps and pimples can develop in these areas where rosacea is present. While rosacea affects
people of all ages, it is mostly found in people over the age of 30. As a skin condition, rosacea is completely
benign. Many people who have rosacea may just assume that they are sensitive to the sun or become flushed
easily. Currently, rosacea has no cure and is a condition that cannot be outgrown. It is not contagious or infectious.

Ocular rosacea is also another common sub-type of rosacea that affects the eyes and eyelids mainly. The
symptoms of ocular rosacea cause the area around the eye to turn red. The eye itself and the eyelids often feel like
they are burning. People who describe ocular rosacea often feel as if there is an eyelash stuck on their eye.

Rosacea is common in both men and women. While there are more women who have rosacea, men typically have
worse symptoms. It is not normally found in children and people of dark skin complexion.

What exactly causes rosacea is unknown. The most fundamental cause of rosacea is the dilation of the blood
vessels in the facial region. This causes more blood in the face, creating the reddish effect. There are certain risk
factors that could trigger a flare up of rosacea. Strong winds, change in humidity, sunlight and other environmental
factors can cause additional redness of the face. Alcohol, stress and spicy foods are also known to trigger rosacea.
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Rosacea treatments

The best way to stop a flare up of rosacea is to avoid the risk factors that can trigger it. However, this cannot always
be the case. As such, there have been many treatments formulated for rosacea flare ups. One way to treat rosacea
is through topical creams that can reduce the inflammation in the face. Topical cream applied twice a day that is
specifically for rosacea can reduce the symptoms dramatically.

Prescription medication such as metrogel can also help reduce inflammation in people with rosacea. This
treatment can be applied topically but must be applied at least once a day in order to alleviate symptoms.

Soaps and facial cleaners may provide temporary relief from rosacea, especially if the symptoms are harsh.
Although cleaning the face may help, it is also important to avoid actually aggravating the face while washing as
this can also cause a flare up. Always try to use mild soaps and cleansers on the areas that are affected.

Oral antibiotics can also be used to reduce symptoms in those with moderate rosacea. While these can be very
potent, it is always important to consider common side effects of these drugs and to consult a doctor before
proceeding with taking them.

Areas that are affected by rosacea should always be treated with caution. Long term rosacea skin care is
particularly difficult due to the condition’s manifestation on the face. Hence, in order to maintain a normal facial
complexion, rosacea areas should be handled with care. It is not suggested to use makeup for rosacea as it may
also aggravate the symptoms.
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