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What causes stretch marks?

What causes stretch marks? Stretch marks are caused simply by the stretching of the dermis, which is the layer of
skin beneath the uppermost layer of skin (epidermis). Stretching induces scarring of this layer of skin tissue,
resulting in a usually darker, off hue stripe which may fade over time but does not usually go away completely.
These marks are most commonly associated with rapid body change where skin growth cannot keep up,
eventually causing tears. Bodybuilding, weight gain and pregnancy are the most common factors leading to the
development of stretch marks.

Symptoms of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a purely cosmetic phenomenon. However, not all stretch marks look alike but most are easily
identifiable. This will differ depending where on the body they occur and how long one has had them for. The most
common ones include:

  • Long pits or striations in the skin

  • Reddish or purple streaks

  • Fleshy lines that fade into lighter hues

These marks most often occur on the stomach, breasts, shoulders, and upper legs and in some cases can cover
entire sections of the body. Visiting a medical professional for stretch marks is purely within the discretion of the
affected individual. If you feel that it significantly affects your appearance, then you should visit a doctor to discuss
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How to fade, remove to get rid of stretch marks

Once one has developed stretch marks, they are difficult to diminish without the aid of time. Hence it is important to
avoid stretch marks or to expect them during one’s lifetime.

  • Weight gain is responsible for stretch marks due to a rapid increase in body size. In order to prevent this,
    exercise and a healthy diet is recommended in order to lower one’s weight.

  • Excessive bodybuilding will also create stretch marks around the areas that have increased musculature.
    When bodybuilding, it should be noted that one should try to evenly distribute the amount of muscle mass
    gained throughout the entire body in order to slow the excess growth of individual muscles.

  • Stretch marks should be expected during pregnancy, especially around the stomach area.

Now, how does one get rid of stretch marks? Stretch mark removal often is not a natural process because it occurs
below the skin, hence the existence of remedies such as stretch mark removal creams. The removal process may
entail using chemicals or other abrasive skin procedures in order to cover up or remove the discoloration caused
by the stretch. There are few home remedies for stretch mark removal, the effectiveness of which are up for
scientific debate.

  • Laser therapy uses intense light waves to stimulate growth of collagen in order to restore the color of the
    scarred skin. This often results in the restoration of melanin growth in order to match the natural color of the
    surrounding skin.

  • Using microscopic abrasives that polish the skin cells can also remove the top layer of skin and promote
    natural growth around the affected area, lessening the effects of the stretch marks.

  • Tretinoin cream is known to improve the look of stretch marks by rebuilding the skin colors around the
    marks, making it appear like normal skin cells. The chemicals used in the cream are ineffective on old
    stretch marks and can cause skin irritation.
Collagen naturally occurring protein keeps skin smooth and youthful

Younger and smooth looking skin can be accomplished in 3 main steps

1) Collagen and elastin fiber are primary supporting structure of skin tissue formed by  protective outer layer of skin.
Stretch marks occur as rapid stretching also depends on skin type and elastic level. There are several stretch mark
treatments available both in both in prevention attempts to reduce the damage. They hide or alter the above layer of
skin to improve the appearance of the discoloration beneath. Many product offer “getting rid of stretch marks” quick.
Although there is no technique or product can completely erase stretch mark, but still ways to fade to a lighten them.
In order to fix stretch marks at the root, specific cells must be stimulated to restore the scar tissue which cause the
blemish. The scar cells themselves are singled out and optimized in order to begin functioning normally, producing
a more typical coloration. Collagen contain different essential minerals and amino acids can effectively for stabilize
protein shapes in elasticity by developing skin strength by restoring skin cell function for regulating moisture again.
Since the collagen can typically improve deeper layers of the skin tissues also assist in restoring skin to its original
elasticity that partly due to stretching of skin areas occur while the areas such as on the abdomen and legs. Check
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