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Varicose veins control & managment

Varicose veins are also called as spider veins in common language and it is a disorder due to the condition called
valvular incompetence in the veins that are predominantly known for pumping the blood for purification. Varicose
veins are believed to occur in the legs, though it is not an exclusive disorder that affects only legs, any other region
of the body can be susceptible to it. Varicose veins causes are referred to the inability of veins to maintaining the
venous reflux. In general, the blood in the veins from any part of the body flows in an onward direction, any
possibility of backward movement is arrested by the coordination of leaflet valves. They not only prevent the blood
from flowing backwards, but also help the blood flow upwards against the gravity.

In the case of varicose veins in legs, the blood flow towards the heart is always against the gravity which mandates
uninterrupted coordination from the leaflet valves in the veins. When varicose veins are present, veins become
twisted and enlarged; often it is considered to be mere cosmetic issue which unfortunately is not just cosmetic.
Proper identification of the Varicose Veins shall be more useful in arriving at how to treat varicose veins. It is also
significant to be working on how to prevent Varicose Veins rather than contemplation about how to cure varicose
veins. Varicose veins pain is a common manifestation at a matured stage and proper understanding about the
symptoms can be helpful in determining how to cure varicose veins.
Signs and symptoms of varicose veins

The symptoms of Varicose Veins are pretty much visible and evident so that there might not be a great difficulty in
identifying. This is also not a life threatening condition, however the disorder ‘deep vein thrombosis’ is life
threatening because of which a proper diagnosis of the Varicose Veins is highly recommended.

  • Apart from the visibly clear swelling of the veins, pain is a primary symptom that indicates the presence of
    Varicose Veins.

  • Pain is felt especially when standing for longer time; it can also begin with swelling of the legs which
    indicates that there could be some problem with an uninterrupted upward blood flow from the legs.

  • Thickening of skin is another symptom that can indicate the possibility of Varicose Veins formation. It can
    also be an early indication.

  • Ulceration is generally associated with this condition along with other similar disorders such as blood

  • The secondary symptoms are heaviness and burning sensation in the legs which is also associated with
    aching and tiredness leading into fatigue.

  • Rapid changes in the skin with severe ulcers would indicate an advanced stage of Varicose Veins.

Varicose veins do fall under the classification of peripheral vascular disease which is referred to interventional
radiologists for more clarity in terms of diagnosis. The objective is to find out the possibility of the secondary
varicose veins or the extent of their presence, based on the assessment of the secondary varicose veins, treatment
options are contemplated.
Vitamins and supplements prevent & reduce the risk of varicose vein
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Healthy veins can be accomplished through 2 main steps

1) Collagen is major component of nearly all connective tissue cells that give skin its unique properties of elasticity
support the healthy muscles and skin structure. As we age, your body have lots of changes to adjust to, and some
of those changes can affect blood circulation and also veins. Collagen rich foods contain the different mechanisms
protects connective tissues and reduces the risk of enlarged veins near surface of the skin. Essential amino acid of
collagen that perform hundreds of roles to enhance the self-healing ability to recapture damaged cells and tissues
Those prime vitamins and minerals can help to stimulate healthy cells to reduce redness for rejuvenating the aging
muscles treat a number of other skin conditions. If the food sources don't provide enough collagen nutrients for our
body needs. It may increase risk of developing varicose veins. To learn more about the hydrolyzed deep sea marine
collagen supplements for health veins:
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2) Daily consumption of high antioxidants can help maintain the elasticity of veins. Recent studies have shown that
antioxidants contain different unique nutrients benefits to the integrity of blood vessel wall structure. As we get older
and our body changes, varicose veins can affect the enlarged and gnarled veins which perform the task of carrying
blood to the heart. High pressure inside veins can be harmful for valves and can lead to blood accumulation which
inflames and makes veins build up. Antioxidants have different mechanisms can help to protect the nerve from vein
injury smooth blood circulation stop and restart and yields a quick recovery from peripheral. The researchers have
made progress in the concept of restoring nerve function after being damaged, by using a combination of  vitamins,
minerals and antioxidants can boost the body's ability to maintain vein healthy, assist the circulation system to fight
spider veins that cause varicose veins pains. If normal diets provide best option for varicose veins. It may difficult to
get enough antioxidant nutrients from diets. Click the following link to read more about the supper antioxidants food
supplements in prevention and treatments:
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Care and lifestyle recommendations to treat varicose veins

The treatment options for Varicose Veins are pretty much sophisticated and even advanced with surgery also being
a recommended option. The surgical intervention is suggested for a process called vein stripping, which is nothing
but the selective removal of the affected veins.

  • The non-surgical procedures are however preferred and also recommended for a better patient compliance
    and convenience. Sclerotherapy is an advanced procedure which helps in gradual reduction of the
    symptoms and pain.

  • Wearing the elastic stockings and exercising with legs in an elevated position would help; therefore they are
    suggested practices under Varicose Veins natural remedies.

  • The other Varicose Veins home remedies are suggested for achieving symptomatic relief; proper diet and
    physical activity through exercise are also advised as measures of precaution.

  • Often excess weight is considered to be one of the causative factors of this disorder. Keeping weight under
    control and avoiding standing or sitting for longer durations can help in preventing Varicose Veins too.

  • Keeping the legs warm in an elevated position by using a heat tissue or warm cloth can also ensure that
    veins remain sensitive. Any indication of blood clot for any reason should not be ignored.
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