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How to Get Healthy Fingernails? Treatment, Problems and Solutions

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Ways to make your nails grow healthy & strong

How to grow healthy and stronger nails is a point of discussion when considering various options or relevant
suggestions and tips to grow strong and healthy nails. Strong nails and fingernail health are precisely dealt with
wellness point of view, which is also a healthcare concern many times that goes beyond wellness and cosmetic
appeal. It is an absolute reality that most of the men and women are concerned about the shape, structure, look
and feel about their nails which should not make them to ignore about the crucial aspect of how to keep nails
healthy. In fact the healthy nail treatment programs are also meant to create the awareness levels that healthy nails
are strong and naturally appealing.  

Strong nails are pretty much desirable and food for stronger nails really matters, which in deed has its direct
relationship with healthy nails. While understanding how to keep nails healthy, it is also essential to know the
intricacies of specific healthcare challenges involving nails. Nail diseases are also common and need medical
attention as and when identified, they are different from skin diseases though nails have closer appendage with the
Signs and symptoms of diseased nails

Unhealthy nails are definitely damaging in all aspects. They spoil the cosmetic look apart from causing several
other dermatological disorders. It is important to make note of the early symptoms and initiate an immediate
medical care as per the expert suggestions from the dermatologists.

  • Inflammation is a common challenge which is associated with the nail folds; it can get worse and form into
    pus because of the infection. Ingrown nails are another disorder or disease related to the heath and growth
    of nails.

  • These disorders are common for both men and women, other disorders are excessive thickening or nails
    and deformation of nails due to various factors. Other challenges for nail growth and structure include
    bitterness due to iron deficiency, splitting associated with psoriasis, nail clubbing, color changes such as
    yellowing or redness, discoloration and stains noted in the nail plates.

  • These are among several other nail health disorders that need early identification and management
    through medical treatment is pretty much possible besides natural remedies and lifestyle suggestions that
    can enhance the overall nail health.

The common characteristics of nail disorders at early stages are noted through visible changes. These are early
signs that are associated with the color and texture of the nails, any noted abnormality can be considered as a
health related challenge for nails.
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Stronger fingernails can be achieved in 2 major steps

1) Collagen is the most abundant protein found in human body and also the main component of connective tissues
and tendons as well as skin, It is significant important in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails looks youthful and
healthy. Collagen have shown potential health benefits to certain parts of our body for growing stronger and healthy
with proper nutrition to maintain nails healthy to prevent crack, split or refuse to grow for fingers or toes. Normal diet
may not provide preventative measures and whole based nutrition to improve brittle and fragile nails. It may difficult
to get full vital nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium from food. If our body can't find a good source of
nutrients can be absorbed easily. It can increase the chances that cause weak fingernails which easily break, soft,
split, slow growing and thin nails. Learn more about the hydrolyzed collagen supplements in the natural prevention
and treatments for fingernails health:
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2) Daily consumption of high antioxidants can revive and boost our metabolism. Slow metabolism is not a disease
but still cause problems on color, shape, texture, and thickness of the fingernails or toenails. Amongst antioxidants
are beneficial to our health that affects to bone, hair and nails. Antioxidants contain main vitamins and minerals are
essential nutrients that perform hundreds of roles in body to enhance self-healing ability to recover damaged cells
and tissues. Fingernail and toenail demand good amount intake to maintain healthy and strong. Adding antioxidant
rich diet can increase three minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in better absorption for preventing
prone to splitting, breaking fingernail and toenail problems. It probably comes as no surprise that with antioxidants
are capable of resulting in regeneration of cell tissues to support fingernails that achieve better treatment results. If
regularly consumption of nutrients form raw fruits and vegetables are not enough to support your needs. Check the
following link to read more about super antioxidants supplements:
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The earliest known instance to ancient Egyptians and traditional Chinese medical theories believed that placenta
contain healing power that can rejuvenate damage cells and tissues renewal in thousands of years. The powerful
and fascinating energy that can help to restore the self recovery ability and assist to speed up skin wound healing
process are still something of a mystery to us. Read more how the unique benefits of sheep placenta that can help
to stimulate cell renewal and regeneration. To achieve the real, remarkable improvements in vibrant to retain more
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Cell therapy has been known to help reverse many genetic disorders since its discovery in the
1970’s. Scientists have found many ways in which this new technology can be used to benefit
humans. The basic technique used in modifying genetic material to treat or prevent disease is to
either repair or replace a faulty gene. The goal of cell therapy is to overcome the effects of
mutations responsible for genetic disorders. Genetic empowerment is happening today and will
soon be coming to the future of human evolution.
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Care and lifestyle suggestions for growing healthy & stronger nails

There have been approved medical treatments available for various disorders. Looking at the perspective of better
care and precautions, there are quite a few advanced remedial measures to help in growing healthy and stronger

  • There are many reasons why women prefer to cut cuticles. There could be certain cosmetic reasons why
    they prefer to do that. Cutting or manipulating the cuticles is not a healthy practice.

  • Most of the dermatologists suggest the same which has several medical reasons backing this suggestion.
    Cuticles are the natural barriers that block the entry of bacteria and other pathogens. Once they are altered
    or cut, the protection against infections would be lost.

  • There are many products that are being recommended to be the nail hardeners; there is no proven concept
    or clinical study to verify such claims. It is recommended to either limit the use of nail hardeners or avoid
    them completely.

  • Moisturizing the nails at regular periods is recommended and the time gap between each moisturizing
    should be consistently maintained. Moisturizing is helpful when it is done in the areas of nail beds and
    cuticles, it can keep them healthy.

  • The growth and strength of nails is directly depending on nutrition. Vitamin B and E are known to have
    providing strength and growth prospects of the nails. Nails in other words need constant nourishment
    through vitamins. In this context, nutrition through approved biotin supplements is recommended for better
    vitamin supply.

  • Limiting chemicals while washing hands and nails along with avoiding acetone based products for
    purposes like polish removal can be of great benefit in the perspective of growing healthy nails.

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