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How to Heal and Prevent Nerve Damage?

Best Natural Treatment to Repair and Cure Nerve Damage

Vitamins and Supplements, Home Remedies for Nerve Pain

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Ways to heal & reduce the risk of nerve damage

What is nerve damage and how to heal nerve damage? It is reported that one in fifty people do suffer from nerve
damage and related disorders which are due to over hundred different causes. Therefore the nerve damage
causes are many; diabetes and high levels of blood glucose are among the most commonly known reasons.
Aging is another quoted cause for nerve damage as overall nervous system tends to weaken down with age and it
is manifested through nerve pain in most of the scenarios. Though there are several natural home remedies for
nerve pain, the treatment options and overall planning to mange nerve damage shall be done based on the
assessment of symptoms, pre-existing healthcare conditions as well as the age of the patient. In this context, the
question about how to prevent nerve damage is highly relevant when considering the growing incidents and also
available treatment options.

Apart from diabetes and high blood glucose, the known causes of nerve damage are HIV infection, trauma,
amyloidosis, autoimmune conditions and deficiencies such as vitamin B12 deficiency. Other causes such as lyme
disease and fabry’s diseases are also among the well known reasons for nerve damage. In the context of
understanding about how to heal nerve damage or how to repair nerve damage, the consumption of alcohol which
is also a causative factor plays an important role.
Signs and symptoms of the nerve damage

Understanding and evaluating the signs and symptoms are part of planning the treatment challenge of how to
repair nerve damage. The right kind of analysis and identification of nerve damage symptoms would help the
patients to act as early as possible to precisely seek the medical support.

  • The symptoms of nerve damage also vary based on the location and nerve type of nerves that are damaged.
    The nerves belonging to different nervous system such as sensory, central and motor nervous system have
    different properties and their response to damage is exhibited as certain symptoms which vary from
    location to location as well as system to system.

  • Too much of sweating and difficulty to sense are the primary symptoms of nerve damage or they represent
    a type of nerve damage. The sensory difficulty could also be the failure to sense certain events like chest
    pain, congestion and angina.

  • Dry eyes or mouth or both eyes and mouth are being dry for longer durations could be because of nerve
    damage. Constipation, bladder dysfunction and sexual dysfunction are also directly related to nerve

  • Weakness and paralysis are directly indicative of the damage of motor nerves which direct specific
    locomotive actions of the body.

  • Pain, sensitivity, numbness and tingling effects are due to the damage to the nerves of sensory nervous

Based on the symptoms and evaluation of the same, the nerve damage is classified and also planning of how to
cure nerve damage is done. The nerve damage treatment is also sensitive and care has to be exercised by all
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Care and lifestyle suggestions for preventing nerve damage

Nerve damage is also caused due to lifestyle practices such as smoking and alcohol consumption as they seem
to have direct relation with certain types of sensory system damage to the nerves. Apart from natural remedies and
alternative medical practices are popular in treating nerve pain and helping in nerve damage control.

  • Regular exercise and doing it in a systematic way as per the physiotherapy practices will strengthen the
    nerves, it can begin with daily walk and consistency helps in healing the nerves.

  • Good sleep is also a natural solution for nerve damage. It is also true that sleep and sleeping habits suffer
    due to nerve damage. Regulating eating habits and timely dinner can help with good sleep. Do not stress
    and engage with activities that result in stress because of which sleeping comforts are lost.

  • Alternative practices such as meditation, guided imagery and biofeedback can also help in enhancing
    overall health of the nervous system.

The medical treatment of nerve damage might include the usage of analgesics and steroids. The focus of
treatment is not just restricted to treating the nerve damage but also involves treating the surrounding tissues and
skeletal system.
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