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What causes digestive issues?

Digestive problems describe a whole range of problems and conditions that affect the way the human body
processes food. Digestive issues can result from anything from bacteria, infection and stress to serious medical
conditions or side effects from medicine. In short, the arrays of factors that can cause issues in the digestive
system are many and can vary in their degree of harshness.

The most common digestive problems are related to indigestion and an upset stomach, usually from the
consumption of a disagreeable or tainted food. In other circumstances, chronic medical conditions such as
digestive system diseases and intestinal disease can also cause digestive problems. It is important to note that if
digestive discomfort persists for a long period of time, one should seek a medical professional to determine the

There are many ways to improve digestive system health. Several of these methods are listed below:

  • If you have a specific digestive ailment that causes you frequent discomfort, seek the advice of a doctor on
    how to treat it. From here, you should be able to develop a specific plan to reduce the symptoms of this
    digestive issue.

  • Know exactly what types of foods or circumstances will upset your digestive system. These specific causes
    should be noted and avoided in the future. Some medications may have side effects that cause upset
    stomach. Other common foods such as milk or carbonated drinks may cause one to become gassy.

  • Eating healthy foods that are not known to aggravate your digestive system can help to reduce symptoms of
    indigestion. Talk to your doctor about what kinds of foods you should eat and what you should not.

  • Adding fiber to the diet can help regulate your digestion by bulking up your stool. Fiber also relieves bloating,
    gas and dysentery in some cases.

  • Eating smaller rather than larger meals throughout the day can also help to regulate digestion. Larger
    intakes of food during one sitting can make it more difficult for the body to process that amount of food.
    Eating more meals during the day that are smaller can help ease the digestive process.

  • Normal bowel function requires a healthy amount of water intake. When the body lacks water content, the
    stool will lack structure which will make it more difficult to excrete as waste through the colon. Water is the
    best drink for hydration. Caffeine and fermented foods and drinks (i.e. alcohol) can worsen dehydration in
    the body.

  • Probiotics can increase the productivity of natural stomach microbes such as Candida which can
    subsequently help with digestion. By consuming probiotics, one can improve digestive health in the
    stomach and intestines. A lack of probiotics may sometimes be the cause of poor digestive functions
    because stomach microbes are responsible for the production of essential stomach enzymes that break
    down food.

  • Lifestyle stress can lead to conditions such as ulcers and intestinal inflammation in the digestive tract.
    Stomach acids and other digestive enzymes can aggravate these affected areas and cause further damage.
    Managing stress helps to alleviate these conditions though it is understandable that not all stress can be
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