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What causes low sexual satisfaction?

The key to a romantic relationship and marriage satisfaction involves many interpersonal factors such as effective
communication, open-mindedness and fun. More often than not, a happy relationship will also include a healthy
and intimate sex life to boot. Sex is fun, and can draw a couple closer together. However, a lack of sexual
satisfaction may strain a relationship, so it is important to remain intimate with your partner. Increased sexual
activity can also help to release the strain in an unhappy marriage or relationship.

There are many ways to increase sex drive and better sex. Using sex techniques is one common way to gain
sexual satisfaction with your partner.  Intimacy can help bond a couple outside the bedroom which can further
strengthen relationships. Keeping an open mind towards sex is a good way for married couples to keep their
relationship new and exciting. Sex and marriage are closely intertwined, but for a happy marriage to thrive, it still
very important to maintain healthy emotional chemistry and judiciously work out differences outside the bedroom.

Personal factors can impact one’s sex life a great deal, but what is less known is that the chemical balance in the
body can also affect one’s sexual vigor. The chemical balance of hormones that trigger sexual drive in males and
females may be off in certain individuals, causing them to have a altered desire for sex.

For men, testosterone is the essential sex hormone that gives men masculine characteristics and sex drive.
Testosterone influences male development at an early age and also controls many essential regulatory functions
within both males and females.  Testosterone levels are known to decline men and increase in women after
forming intimate relationships with each other. These altered levels of this essential hormone can affect the way
both partners perceive sex. Males can eventually regain their normal testosterone levels during a relationship, but it
usually occurs a few years after the “honeymoon phase”. Some individuals may also have conditions that cause
them to have decreased testosterone levels and must receive medical supplements.

Estrogen is to women what testosterone is to men. Estrogen is the main sex hormone for females which controls
the menstrual cycle and female development. In most cases, altered estrogen levels can cause changes in sexual
desire. The effects of estrogen on sexual drive can also be reliant on testosterone levels. Although may be easy to
generalize the effects of estrogen on female sexual activity, estrogen also works in conjunction with other
chemicals in the body to create complex reactions that may not function in straightforward manner.
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Certain vitamins and minerals contain essential nutrients that provide excellent nourishment can help build healthy
brains functions link sexual frequency and satisfaction. Some possible reasons that body has changes to adjust to
less perform the task of carrying blood. Antioxidant rich foods have different main mechanisms can help to promote
smooth blood circulation stops and restarts a quick recovery to support integrity of blood vessel wall structure. New
research have shown by eating a wide variety of antioxidants including amino acids, vitamins and minerals that can
help to enhance the body's ability to improve circulation to increase sexual desire or improve the quality of sex. The
regular diets may not provide a complete antioxidants to jump start sex drive. It may difficult to get enough vitamins
and other key nutrients to avoid sexual problems. If body can't get good nutrients to support better and satisfied sex.
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What food can increase sex drive?

It is always important to note that if you suspect yourself to have a chronic skin condition (chronic meaning that it
has persisted for a long time), it is crucial to see a physician in order to seek the appropriate medical advice. If the
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  • Oysters - can be an aphrodisiac.

  • Steak - rich in protein, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

  • Fish - particularly salmon that contain large amounts of Omega 3 oil.

  • Chocolate - dark chocolate contains both serotonin and phenylethylamine.

  • Avocados - rich in vitamin B6, potassium and folic acid.

  • Nuts - contain high levels of essential fatty and L-Arginine.

  • Garlic - allicin can help tp increase blood flow to the sexual organs.

  • Bananas - rich in the enzyme bromelain, potassium and vitamins.

  • Eggs - rich with vitamins B5 and B6.
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