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Getting a good night's sleep is a pillar of health and there by makes feeling fresh in mind that is conducive to better
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and helps to reduce risk of developing a digestive system disorder, to maintain and improve blood circulation that
work may increase energy for function properly, in terms of difficulty sleeping, sleeplessness, sleepless and sleep
disorders which often involving imbalance of chemicals. Current research shown the antioxidants contain different
mechanisms can help to restore nerve functions by using a combination of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants
can help to enhance the body’s ability to maintain nervous system healthy, assist nervous system to fight insomnia.
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What causes poor sleep quality?

Everybody can tell the difference in between a good night’s sleep and a bad night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep
leaves one feeling refreshed and energetic. Not getting enough sleep or constantly waking up in the middle of the
night can leave one feeling drained and unhappy in the morning. While we would all like to be able to get a good
night’s sleep every night, there are always nights that can leave a person unsatisfied with their quality of sleep.
Although the causes of poor sleep quality are many and can sometimes be fixed with simple lifestyle changes,
poor sleeping cycles or being unable to sleep can be a sign of medical conditions that are worthy of professional

Common medical conditions that could cause a lack of sleep in some individuals include chemical disorders such
as depression or chronic insomnia. Depression is the result of a chemical balance in the nervous system that
usually results in the person being unable to sleep well among other symptoms. Insomnia, which is a sleep
disorder which makes it difficult for an individual to fall asleep, though a sub-symptom of depression, does not
always accompany depression.

Another common sleep disorder is sleep apnea which causes your breathing to stop temporarily during sleep
because of a blockage in your airways. These pauses in breathing interfere with your sleep, leading to many sleep
disruptions during the night. Most people do not remember waking up because of sleep apnea and may
experience fatigue during the day without knowing why.

Pain, even if mild can also cause difficulty in sleeping. Headaches or physical pain that is not soreness are
common causes of sleep deficiency, though these usually pass with time.
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How to improve sleep quality

  • A proper sleeping position can help improve sleeping patterns by increasing circulation throughout the body
    and by making it easier to breathe. Sleeping in an awkward position may impair breathing and circulation,
    leading to numbness in certain parts of the body or constant awakenings throughout the night.

  • The environment in which one sleeps may or may not be conducive to a good night’s sleep. The best
    environment to sleep in is one where it is dark, comfortable and silent. It is important to make sure that the
    place where you sleep is a safe place in order to increase the ease at which you fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • Taking naps throughout the day to compensate for staying up late may make it more difficult to fall asleep at
    night. This is because the body is adapted to sleeping an allotted number of hours. Rather than staying up
    late and napping during the day, it is much better for the body to sleep early and rise early for optimal levels
    of daytime energy.

  • Alcohol and nightcaps may prevent a healthy and regular sleep cycle. Although small amounts of alcohol
    can help one feel drowsy initially, it actually disrupts the sleep cycle later on and may cause one to stay
    awake at night. Excessive alcohol can also result in difficulty sleeping as it can raise energy levels again
    once the blood alcohol levels drop.

  • Heavy exercise before bed can cause the body to be too excited to sleep. Good sleeping patterns are
    initiated by a calm body and calm state of mind before sleeping. It is best not to exercise right before going
    to bed. Instead, exercise during the daytime and relax at night.

  • Caffeine and sugary drinks during the day, even if consumed hours before bedtime, can also make it more
    difficult to get better rest at night. Good sleeping is also triggered by a balanced chemistry within the body
    which means that stimulants such as caffeine should be put off in order to get a good night’s rest.
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