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Maintaining a healthy heart and brain

The heart and the brain are two of the most important organs in the body. The brain is primarily responsible for
regulating the nervous system while the heart circulates blood throughout the body so that everything can function.
In order to maintain healthy heart and brain function, one must look at these two organs separately.

Being that the brain is a complex organ that is poorly understood by medicine, even at a mechanistic level, it might
be difficult to pinpoint the exact chemical method with which brain function can improve. However, with the help of
increased mental activity, we know that brain function and health can be gradually improved, especially in the
elderly.  Listed below is a series of strategies that can help maintain long term brain health.

  • Brain games involving puzzles and problem solving can help to maintain normal brain function and can
    even help improve brain function and intelligence. Just like exercising the body, exercising the brain in such
    a way is also important in maintaining brain memory.

  • There are a number of smart drugs and nutrients can also support to maintain memory as it can improve
    the capacity of the brain to remember. The brain food especially important for brain development and
    performance as it can help to boost brain power at any age.

  • Specific diets aimed at improving brain function include eating foods such as blueberries and fish which
    can minimize the chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Foods that contain vitamins and
    antioxidants such as dark chocolate can also boost mood and levels of focus, but as always, these foods
    should always be eaten in moderation.

Unlike the brain, the heart is a better understood organ in the body. The heart has one main function: to beat which
causes the blood circulates around the body. There are many known ways to improve heart function and reduce
risk factors that may cause one to develop heart disease. If your family has a history of heart disease, one should
seek medical advice to determine the best lifestyle options for the future. Regardless, simple lifestyle changes can
go a long way in improving heart health and function. Listed below are a series of tips for the heart.

  • Exercise regularly, especially using cardiovascular workouts. When one exercises, blood circulation needs
    to be improved in order to supply oxygen to the muscles. This requires the heart to beat faster. When the
    heartbeat increases during cardiovascular exercises such as running, the cardiac muscle of the heart is
    stimulated. This strengthens the heart muscles.

  • Eating foods that are low in cholesterol can help reduce the chances of developing heart disease. Blood
    vessels that are clogged up by cholesterol have reduced blood flow. The heart can become excessively
    strained by having to pump blood through smaller pathways.

  • In general, maintaining a healthy diet is also good for the heart. Plenty of low fat foods such as fruits and
    vegetables can help decrease the chance of heart issues. Limit the intake of trans- and saturated fats in the
    diet. While excessive fat intake is definitely harmful, it is still important to include low levels of it in the diet.

  • Quitting unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking can reduce the risk of heart complications. Smoking is a
    very well known factor in contributing to hardened arteries that could eventually lead to a heart attack.

  • Managing stress in one’s life can also reduce the risk of heart problems. High blood pressure from
    constant stressors can increase the risk of heart complications. In order to prevent this, it is crucial to
    maintain a level of relaxation though some types of stress in life cannot be easily avoided. Make sure to set
    aside some time during the day aside just to relax.
Best vitamins and supplements maintain healthy heart and brain
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No doubt, antioxidants are essential parts of optimal health that capable to help of increasing the wellness of heart
and maximizing the overall blood flow to the body without putting extra stress on the heart by improving the immune
system, increase energy levels, maintain and improve blood circulation that works to recharge body and get more
energy naturally, increase antioxidant levels to prevent free radical cell damage that stimulate your own cells for real
rejuvenation to targeted regions. As we age, aging blood vessels are often in poor shape, as demonstrated by age
factors such as varicose veins and high blood pressure. By correcting the blood vessels in the body, blood can flow
easier, making the heart's job easier and help to boost up the metabolism and energy to put tissues and organs all
work together to against heart diseases, the great way to receive more energetic, strength and more focused mind.
It's probably no surprise the antioxidants are capable of preventing heart disease, heart failure and heart attack for
resulting in regeneration of cells for achieving optimum state of healthy heart and brain. The regular diets may not
provide complete antioxidants to boost brain power, it may hard to obtain enough vitamins and other vital nutrients
from foods, if our body can't find enough these from diets, it may be downright dangerous for health. To achieve and
maintain overall heart and brain health by using the triple combination of nutrients. To learn more about the super
antioxidants food supplements for prevention and treatments:
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Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians and traditional Chinese medical theories believe sheep placenta have
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the heart and brain, helping to restore the functions of cells that are functioning at their optimal levels. This can be
produce positive benefits for almost any type of cell in the body, even complex ones such as neurons and cardiac
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