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Causes of seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies known as allergic diseases are caused by hypersensitivity of immune system mistakes a
harmless particle that is often airborne as something that is harmful. The body’s recognition of this particle as
something that is much more dangerous causes the immune system to go into overdrive. The immune system
begins to produce antibodies to fight this harmless substance causing the allergic response. The next time that the
body comes in contact with this substance, the body overreacts in the same way as before and produces
chemicals such as histamine unnecessarily, which signals inflammation and the other typical seasonal allergic
responses such as runny noses and sneezing. This immune system response leads to the most common
symptoms of “hay” fever, also known as seasonal allergies.

The most common cause of hay fever is pollen from flowers and other air particulates that the body mistakes as a
serious threat. Airborne spores from fungi can also cause a similar allergic reaction in the body that is usually
worse during months of warm weather. Dust mites and dander from pets are also a primary cause of seasonal
allergies. That included allergic asthma, hypersensitivity, anaphylaxis.
Vitamins and supplements strengthen immune system to fight allergies
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Antioxidants contain many different essential nutrients in promoting healthy immune function that can aid to reduce
allergies. Many people suffer from seasonal allergies can significantly improve symptoms of hay fever and asthma  
during spring season by boosting energy levels naturally. For all we know, vitamins and minerals are key nutrients
that perform hundreds of roles in body to enhance self-healing ability to maintain respiratory system healthy assist
immune system to reduce the symptoms of spring allergies, allergic diseases, allergic asthma, hypersensitivity or
anaphylaxis. Current studies have shown maintaining high antioxidant diets may help lower the risk of developing
for allergic reactions. The regular diets may not provide a complete picture of antioxidant capacity, it may be difficult
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How to prevent seasonal allergy symptoms

There are many lifestyle changes that can help people avoid the things that give them seasonal allergy symptoms.
Most of these strategies simply involve staying away from the particulate that they are sensitive to. While these
changes can greatly help reduce the level of pollen and dust in one’s environment, they are not always guaranteed
to work as the particles that are responsible for allergies are microscopic and may still be able to infiltrate your

  • If one has allergies inside the house, it may be a good idea to open up the windows to ventilate the house,
    but only on days when pollen levels outdoors are low. On the other hand, staying indoors during high pollen
    days and closing the windows may also help minimize seasonal allergy symptoms.

  • As mentioned above, pollen levels in the air is an important factor to pay attention to. The airborne pollen
    levels can be found by a simple internet search for local pollen levels. This will let you know when the
    optimal conditions are to go outside or stay indoors.

  • Smog in the air can also cause normal allergic symptoms to worsen. Try to avoid areas that are high in
    smog such as downtown areas in the middle of the city. Being around car exhaust in the open city can also
    aggravate symptoms.

  • One can reduce seasonal allergies by cleaning or replacing the dust filters in your home ventilation system.
    A clogged or dirty vent filter is less effective at filtering pollen and dust than a clean one.

  • If you are knowledgeable of the types of specific plants or animals that are causing your allergies, it may be
    beneficial to remove such biota from your immediate environment. However, it is also important to note that
    airborne pollen can travel large distances in the air and can come from completely different places than
    from your immediate vicinity.

  • Washing your hair or taking a full shower at the end of the day can reduce allergy symptoms at night by
    removing all of the pollen from your body. Dust and particles can easily get caught in the hair. On a pollen
    heavy day, make sure to clean the hair thoroughly.

  • If allergy symptoms are severe, try consulting your doctor for appropriate medication in order to relieve these
    symptoms. Although allergy drugs and treatment cannot cure a case of seasonal allergies, medication is
    an effective way to quell an overactive immune response, especially in more severe cases.
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