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Prevention and home remedies for atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis could be prevented by regular physical activity and exercising. A thirty minutes brisk walk and
working out in the gym everyday can help in regulating the fat accumulation in the walls of arteries. Getting rid of
obesity and maintaining desirable weight is recommended as preventive measures against Atherosclerosis. It is
important to be cautious about diabetes, high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure which are the preexisting
medical conditions and are also the risk factors for causing Atherosclerosis. It is also highly recommended to
undergo routine medical check up to find out the possibility and extent of spread of the underlying disease as
Atherosclerosis symptoms are not evident till the disease is much advanced.

Cure and lifestyle suggestions to reverse atherosclerosis

The atherosclerosis treatment is pretty much advanced with most of the medical options being available, but the
Atherosclerosis disease could be well prevented by adapting to better and healthy lifestyle. Quitting smoking and
regulating the alcohol intake are the positive signs of a healthy lifestyle that also helps in preventing most of the
related heart diseases including Atherosclerosis. Regular exercising is also part of the lifestyle adaptations or
considerations especially if it is diabetes induced heat disease.

Foods and diets for preventing atherosclerosis

Right diet plays a very important and helpful role both in recovering from Atherosclerosis and even preventing it. A
healthy diet including fruits and vegetables is always recommended to ensure a healthy heart. Along with fruits and
vegetables, consuming green tea often with occasional eating of fish that contains Omega 3 Fatty acids can help
preventing Atherosclerosis. Simultaneously, avoiding high fat foods including red meat can also help preventing it.
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Ways to prevent & reduce the risk of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is vascular disease one of the fibrofatty plaque in which an artery wall which involves the arteries.
The walls of the arteries are affected by this disease because of the fat deposits alongside of the arterial walls. It
has a lot to do with diet, lifestyle and physical activity. The causes of Atherosclerosis are mostly related to the food
habits and lifestyle practices such as smoking and alcohol consumption. This disorder is also closely related with
the cerebral artery disease which is caused due to the involvement of arteries of the brain, the cerebral artery
disease is one of the compelling and fatal causes of the stroke or heart attack. This disease is rated among the
most dreadful underlying heart disorders which progresses slowly and steadily. The causes of Atherosclerosis
include generic reasons as well, but the lifestyle plays a prominent role in the initiation of it.

This disease can’t be identified that easily as there are no early symptoms, it continues to progress and in most of
the cases it is developed at a very young age but gets manifested as the person ages. It is better to comprehend
about how to prevent Atherosclerosis rather than worrying how to get rid of Atherosclerosis. The Atherosclerosis
symptoms are reveled at a much matured stage and therefore it is advised to have enough focus about the natural
cures for Atherosclerosis along with cautiously following the remedial measures. The definitive causes are
classified into lifestyle as well as the preexisting medical conditions apart from the genetic hereditary. The pre-
existing challenges include high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and physical inactivity;
old age is a natural risk factor for Atherosclerosis. The natural cures of Atherosclerosis are highly recommended
considering the causes, symptoms and treatment options of this heart disorder.
Signs & symptoms of atherosclerosis

The signs and symptoms of atherosclerosis at a matured state are identified based on the functional changes and
physical observations of various organs and regions in the body.

  • Accordingly, the symptoms are generally related to heart, brain, abdomen and legs, the symptoms of
    Atherosclerosis related to heart are shortness of breath, sweating, nausea and dizziness. When certain
    symptoms related an organ is referred, it eventually means that particular organ is involved.

  • Similarly when brain is involved, it causes confusion, loss of eyesight and difficulty in walking. It is also
    identified with difficulty in speech which is also called slurred speech.

  • When abdomen is involved, signs and symptoms of atherosclerosis would indicate abdominal pain,
    cramping, diarrhea and even vomiting.

  • The symptoms involving legs are associated with muscle pain, cold toes and feet. There could be the
    possibility of loss of hair on the legs and surrounding feet.
Super vitamins and supplements reversing atherosclerosis
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Important to consume foods rich in antioxidants regularly that may help to protect against hardening of the arteries,
indeed effective in treating heart related disorders that includes conditions affecting the heart structures or function.
Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients perform hundreds of roles in the body in cleaning chunks of plaque
and help to develop a clean wall to reduce the risk of damaged arteries further downstream. Current research have
shown antioxidants have different mechanisms that can help to slow the formation of fatty deposits inside arteries
by preventing the development of plaque and blood clots some of the vascular disease that improve overall heart
and artery health against with atherosclerosis. We all know that the regular diets do not provide a complete picture
of antioxidant capacity to prevent atherosclerosis. It may be difficult to get enough vitamins and other vital nutrients
from foods, if body can't find enough these nutrients from diets, it may be downright dangerous for health. Please
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