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A bladder is one of the most vital organs in body which need additional protection. Consuming antioxidant rich diets
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symptoms. Correct and balanced nutrients intake that provides the safe immune modulating effect to keep bladder
wall from breakdown by reducing inflammation cause bladder pain or bladder problems. Several new studies have
shown antioxidants have certain essential key vitamins and minerals compounds can help to enhance the body’s
ability to support overall health to prevent the bladder disease that cause urinary disorder or bladder control issues.
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Best Vitamins and Supplements for Bladder Problems

Bladder Infection Disorder, Control Issues, Incontinence, Leakage

Bladder Disease, Overactive, Prolapse, Stones, Pain

Knowledge Bar - How to Prevent Bladder Disorders
What are the most common bladder problems?

The bladder is the organ in your body that stores and expels urine. It is a round organ that stores the urine until it is
near capacity at which point it stimulates the brain, telling the body to urinate. When this occurs, you try to find the
nearest toilet to empty your bladder.

Obviously, emptying the bladder through urination is a normal bodily function that occurs several times throughout
the day which involves a great deal of coordination of the muscles in the body. The complex nature of bladder
control makes it easy for something to go wrong, hence the existence of bladder conditions. A bladder problem or
disorder is something that can turn into a major lifestyle problem. Such irregularities should be diagnosed and
treated by a medical professional.

Because the term bladder disorder is a very broad subject, there are many different bladder diseases and
conditions that can cause problems, the most prevalent of which are:

  • Urinary control issues such as incontinence and leakage is resulting in undesired events of urination

  • Cystitis is the inflammation of the bladder which results from a urinary infection of bladder disease

  • Overactive bladder is when the bladder urinates when it is not prompted to

  • Interstitial cystitis is a chronic condition that results in frequent bladder pain and a constant desire to urinate

  • Bladder stones can cause blockage and infection, resulting in pain, inflammation or even blood in urination

There are many other types of bladder issues that are known within the scope of scientific literature so it is
important to seek a doctor if one is having symptoms of irregular bladder function. These conditions may also be
associated with biliary tract diseases of the gall bladder or bile duct.
Consultation Hotline: 1-212-233-5196
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Bladder problem causes

Being that adrenal gland disorders are caused by a variety of afflictions, there also exist a variety of symptoms for
these disorders.

  • Symptoms of Cushing’s disease: A mass of fat between the shoulders, excess body hair, facial swelling,
    weakness, lack of libido, obesity and high blood pressure.

  • Symptoms of Addison’s disease: change in blood pressure, desire for salt, darker skin, fatigue, nausea,
    weight loss, pallor and weakness.

  • Symptoms of adrenal gland cancer: diabetes, hypertension, thinning of the bones and unexplained weight

If adrenal insufficiency is suspected within an individual, it is important to contact a medical professional for a
knowledgeable opinion. The symptoms described here are applicable for many different types of illnesses and
may also be naturally caused as well. It is important to seek medical advice for potential diagnosis and treatment of
these symptoms.

Care of bladder prolapse

Temporary loss of bladder control can often be caused by alcohol, caffeinated beverages, medications and
relaxants and should not be confused with chronic bladder disorders mentioned above. Most of the leading risk
factors and causes of bladder disorders are unavoidable and often hereditary so it is important to identify
symptoms when they appear.

  • Aging is a major factor contributing to loss of bladder control. As you age, the bladder becomes weaker and
    a loss of control becomes more likely. Issues with blood vessels can exacerbate these symptoms. Make
    sure to stay healthy because it will make it less likely for one to develop bladder problems.

  • Damage to the pelvic muscles can cause bladder control issues because it is the pelvic muscles that
    control most of the bladder. They can be damaged by surgery and childbirth.

  • In most men, the prostate gets bigger as one ages and thus it is not uncommon for men to experience
    difficulty with the bladder when one gets old.

Bladder control issues care

With the exception of chronic bladder diseases, the best way to prevent bladder problems as one ages is to
partake in exercises that strengthen the pelvic muscle. This can compensate for the loss of control due to damage
or natural aging. Exercises to strengthen these muscles can be found online or can be taught by a physical therapy

Improve the outlook of bladder disorders

Bladder disorders and the loss of control are mostly congenital or develop with age so there are few methods to
treat them without the use of medication and other invasive forms of treatments. Even so, the medication that is
used to correct bladder function is often only effective within a short range of time and must be administered over
the whole course of one’s lifetime. This is unsatisfactory given that the cells that are responsible for maintaining
proper bladder control issues are still dysfunctional.

The effective natural cures for bladder infections including acidophilus, cranberry juice, and apple cider vinegar to
restore balance of the infection to correct the defected cells. However, you can also increase daily water intake and
avoid sugary foods and drinks for the most effective results. This can help remedy the chemical deficiency or
excess that is causing irregularities as the cells in the bladder can function as originally intended which can help
accomplish this by developing immune system strength to restore broken individual cells to working function. By
doing this, individual may be able to react more typically to fluid demands of the body.
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