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Prevention of getting cold and Influenza

How to fight Influenza (Flu) is such a global challenge as this is one of the severe respiratory disorders associated
with muscle pain, soreness and severe cold. This is also contagious which means it is fast spreading. Therefore
to avoid flu and prevention of common cold are among the major healthcare priorities across the globe. In a
generic sense, flu is related with cold and prevention of common cold can lead to flu prevention.

Looking into the causes of Influenza, it is caused by the influenza virus which is capable of spreading at a very
faster pace through contamination and physical contact. In the northern and southern regions of the world Influenza
generally breaks out in the winter seasons where as the other regions are susceptible for influenza spread and
infection in any season of the year. Influenza is also life threatening, if it is not identified in time and treated with
proper precautions; in the past there were several epidemic break outs of influenza virus, causing deaths of
thousands of people. There are several ways how influenza spreads from its primary parasitic invasion; it spreads
through air because of coughing and sneezing. It also spreads by physical contact with a person with influenza; it
could even be a simple handshake with another person. Influenza also spreads through contacting objects and
surfaces with potential risk of contamination.
Natural remedy with vitamins and supplements for colds and flu
Improve Your Metabolism and Immune System with ABLE Anti-Aging & Antioxidant

Adding antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to daily diet can help you stay healthy to strengthen immune system in
priority to fight colds and flu. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients which perform hundreds of roles in body
to enhance self-healing ability for its healing properties and antiviral effects. Antioxidants contain several important
vitamins and minerals can help to treat common cold and support to fight influenza (flu) as well but without risks of
unwanted side effects. As we get older, our bodies have lots of changes to adjust to less immune response to the
virus. Our body need good sources of energy to keep us going. High levels of the antioxidants intake can aid to fight
off inflammation for achieving ultimate health. Recent studies have shown antioxidant rich diets  regularly can boost
immune function and thereby to brings health benefits of increase immunity power for preventing influenza. Regular
diet may not provide the complete antioxidants capacity to stop cold, it may difficult to get enough vitamins and other
vital nutrients from foods, if diets can't provide enough vitamins. Check here to learn more about super antioxidants
food supplements in prevention and influenza treatment:
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therapy capsules brings the major benefit of reducing seasonal allergies and strengthening the overall fortitude of
the immune system with the completely unique capability to assist to repair or replace the cells to continue normal
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1970’s. Scientists have found many ways in which this new technology can be used to benefit
humans. The basic technique used in modifying genetic material to treat or prevent disease is to
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Signs & symptoms of influenza (Flu)

Since it is mostly mistaken with common cold and seasonal muscle pains, extended suffering from cold shall be
suspected for influenza infection which can be confirmed by testing the sputum. The signs and symptoms of
influenza are noticed almost immediately after anybody is affected from the virus, it also depends on the immunity
and in-built resistance of a person to resist infections. In such cases, it might take around three days for the
symptoms to be evident. There are also three types of influenza virus; it is classified as type A, B and C. While the
type C is not that severe, type A and B are known to be very severe with extended symptoms of the infection. Though
age is not a determining factor, children tend to catch the infection sooner which is also related with the lack of
matured immune system.

  • The primary symptoms include fever with chills and shivering, runny nose and nasal congestion.

  • Sneezing, body ache and headache are the secondary symptoms which occur almost simultaneously along
    with the primary symptoms.

  • The other symptoms are fatigue, soreness and watering eyes which get severe with time.

  • Children are also presented with additional gastrointestinal symptoms which are indicated through mild to
    severe abdominal pain. It is also associated with diarrhea many times.     

In most of the cases, flu or influenza is misinterpreted as common cold. Fever with mild to severe muscle pains
does differentiate common cold from influenza. It is also a point of caution that ignoring influenza can lead to
pneumonia which is a severe respiratory disease, that affects lungs and respiratory track.
Care and lifestyle options for influenza (Flu) treatment

Care begins from the prevention of common cold and how to stop cold or how to prevent flu are the most
considered challenges by the medical fraternity. The tips how to prevent the flu are also associated with the
problem of how to treat a flu, because most of the time people are not aware of preventive measures and fall into
sickness. Influenza is one of the best examples of disease prevention which can also be treated well, in case of
failure to prevent. Timely medical intervention shall be a great benefit for patients.

  • Administering the influenza vaccine as per the WHO recommendations is a great way to prevent it.

  • Infection control can also be achieved by maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, improvised standards of
    personal health and maintaining clean and dry surroundings would definitely help.

  • Avoiding physical contact and high standard sanitization can also prevent infection.  

  • Medically influenza is treated through antiviral injections and adequate rest is recommended.

  • Diet through warm and well cooked food along with warm fluid intake shall help in preventing the spread of  
    viral infection further.
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