Nutrition, vitamins, dietary supplements for dementia and alzheimer's disease
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Daily consumption of high antioxidants from fruits and vegetables that can provide excellent nutrients to boost brain
activity and help preserve cognitive functioning could possibly slow down the dementia and alzheimer's disease as
an advanced natural therapy which is base on nutrients in foods. In the managing dementia, they can be achieving
a certain goal of the slow down the symptoms by preventing lost or damaged memory. Such an effect can be more
relevant and beneficial because it is much more than naturally healing the ailment, it is rather a healing and revival
process of injured tissues of various vital organs. Current research found the concept of assisting brain function by
using a combination of vitamins and minerals in antioxidants to enhance the body's ability to maintain brain healthy
to avoid dementia. The regular diet may not provide a complete picture of antioxidant capacity to prevent dementia
in aging, it may be difficult to get enough vitamins and other vital nutrients from foods, if brain can't get good enough
vitamins in your daily meals. It may be downright dangerous for health. Please be noted that before order the right
health supplements or any nutrients to keep mind and body healthy and stronger. It's better talk to health experts or
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Vitamins and Supplements for Dementia Alzheimer's Disease

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Knowledge Bar - How to Prevent Dementia
Ways to prevent & reduce the risk of dementia and alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s and dementia prevention are the key aspects of modern health scenario which is coupled with geriatric
care. How to prevent dementia can be well studied under geriatrics as this disorder is predominantly known to be
the challenge for the elderly. Dementia is generally related to the complexity of memory loss, but it is much beyond
being simply memory loss as the nervous system and metabolism of brain are affected in the people suffering
from alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It is most commonly the inability to think, comprehend and carry out the
routine day to day functions. Dementia is also the result of gradual decline and damage in the brain cells and
tissues due to internal or external injuries such as the head injuries, it can also be due to stress and other
psychological complications faced by a person. It is a gradual effect and it is also an inhibiting disorder which
affects the functioning of other vital systems.

  • Dementia is also broadly classified into vascular dementia and senile dementia, the overall dementia
    treatment is focused on helping the patient to overcome the memory loss.

  • Avoid dementia treatment is also a complex challenge as the informal caregivers need a proper orientation
    about the people suffering from dementia along with the memory gradua loss and confusion are essential
    to stay alert with the possible triggers and specific events experienced by the patients.

  • Many times, the patients of dementia face distress and psychological imbalance which is also associated
    with their inability to assess situations, these complexities would make them feel helpless and remain in a
    state of denial most of the time.

  • The causes of brain diseases are quite unknown or there are no accurate medical parameters that can
    determine the exact cause of its occurrence.

  • But, there are many risk factors which can be closely related to the dementia symptoms. Age and
    occupational stress are among the commonly known risk factors along with lifestyle which has its own
    impact on how people behave as memory gradual decrease when they getting older.
Signs and symptoms of dementia

The symptoms of dementia are pretty much the characteristic reflection of non-functional nervous system and
related physiologies.

  • The primary symptom of course is memory loss, it is mostly long term memory loss and short term memory
    loss can’t be ruled out too. Patients with dementia are often found to be disoriented and lost in their own
    thoughts and actions; they are also noted with irrelevant or faulty reasoning.

  • Their judgment is inappropriate which is also associated with loss in communication ability or skills. Other
    symptoms are related with personal care as these patients are not consciously aware of personal care and
    therefore do not care about their own well being. This can be classified under the challenges related to
    psychological wellbeing as dementia cripples the mental stability in elderly people.

  • In common understanding, the patients of dementia find it difficult to relate with people, places and
    occasions which they are otherwise familiar with. They tend to repeatedly ask the same kind of questions
    and fail to follow simple directions or instructions.

  • Dementia is indeed different from normal memory related challenges as this is gradual and involves the
    central nervous system; it is associated with gradual degeneration of the brain’s activity.
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Anti Aging Secrets to Stay Young and Healthy
Prevention to avoid dementia in aging

People who are under the risk of dementia are to be cautious about the symptoms of the same and have their
routine medical examination done with focus on responsive activity. Understanding the triggers and possible risk
zones would help in avoiding situations that can stimulate memory loss and dementia would really help as a
preventive measure.

Care and lifestyle for vascular dementia and senile dementia

The medical treatment is provided to the care of sympatric relief for Improving, teaching and learning with of lifesty.
Eating healthy along with focusing on physical and emotional wellbeing through exercise and medication can help
improving the performance of the nervous system. Adapting to new schedules and activities by following the
prescribed way of change management can also be effective in improving memory patterns.

Foods and diet suggestions to prevent Dementia

Mediterranean diet is highly recommended to prevent dementia which includes fish, nuts, dry fruits, whole grains
and fresh vegetables. Red wine and dark chocolate are also recommended for improving memory; they can rather
rejuvenate the nervous system. Additionally having green tea, vitamin rich food supplements and omega-3 fats
would help exponentially.
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