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What causes gallbladder problems?

The gallbladder is an organ in the body that stores bile that is produced by the liver. The gallbladder is located just
beneath the liver and releases bile into the small intestine to break down food. The chemicals that are released in
the bile help to dissolve food into molecules that are more easily absorbed by the small intestine.

In most situations, the gallbladder does not create too many issues because it has a relatively simple function.
However, problems can arise if the duct that transports bile from the liver to the small intestine is blocked or
slowed. This can lead to gallbladder disease which has residual effects in the small intestine.

The following are the most common gallbladder problems and diseases:

  • Gallbladder stones, more commonly referred to as gallstones are when small stones or mineral deposits
    develop inside the gall bladder. Most of the time these gallstones will cause no issues but in severe cases
    they will cause abdominal pain.

  • Biliary colic is the term used for the severe bouts of gallbladder pain that can be caused by a large gallstone
    blockage of the duct that leads to the small intestine. This may or may not occur with the presence of
    smaller gallstones.

  • Gallbladder inflammation can be induced by gallstones, excessive alcohol consumption, infections, or even
    tumors that will cause the buildup of bile. Pain and fever usually follow and medical attention is sometimes
    required if the gallbladder were to rupture.

  • If the gallbladder suffers from repeated episodes of inflammation, it may become rigid and scarred causing
    chronic gallbladder disease. These gallbladder attacks may cause a sensation of fullness, indigestion, and
    increased gas.

Symptoms of gallbladder problems

When the gallbladder is acting up, symptoms will vary depending on which condition you may have although many
gallbladder conditions share symptoms as well. The surest sign of a problem may be abdominal pain in the upper
right or middle area of the stomach.

Here is a list of common symptoms:

  • Gallbladder pain after a meal of fatty foods

  • Heartburn and indigestion

  • Sensations of fullness in the stomach

  • Vomiting or nausea

  • Lighter colored stools

  • Chronic pain and tenderness in the abdomen

  • The skin and eyes turning yellowish (Jaundice)
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Gallbladder disease prevention and natural remedies

Fast dieting has been known to stimulate the formation of gallbladder stones due to the excess release of bile in
the stomach. Bile contains cholesterol and when more of it is needed, it increases the chance for gallstones to

Consumption of foods that are high in fat and cholesterol has also been known to play a role in gallstone
formation. It is important to consume these foods in moderation.

Although there are ways to mitigate the probability of gallstone formation, these issues are always up to chance
and genetics and are thus difficult to avoid. In any case, living healthy and practicing good lifestyle habits can help
keep the body stable and reduce the risk of having problems related to the gall bladder. The best natural home
remedy is a gallbladder diet which consists of fresh fruits, low fat dairy products, whole grains and lean meat.

In the case that gallstones are too large and must be dealt with, the only viable gall bladder problem treatment is to
seek medical attention so that the stone can be surgically removed. It is always important to seek a doctor’s
opinion on severe abdominal pain.

Prevention of gall bladder treatment

Once a gallstone has formed, it is very difficult to get rid of it without an invasive surgical procedure. Gall bladder
health problems only result once the stone has formed. Hence it would be more ideal to prevent them from
materializing in the first place. The formations of hard crystals that make up the gallstone are a result of a fast
release of cholesterol in an attempt to dissolve the food that is being sent through the small intestine. This seems
to be the core of the problem. If the bile was instead released at a slower rate, there could have been chance of a
mineral deposit to develop along the tube leading to the intestines.

There are several naturopathic vitamins and supplements for gallbladder problems can try out at home. Prior to
needing these remedies, it's important to understand what causes gallbladder problems. Knowing what nutrients
to take is a good habit that can help your gallbladder stay healthy. Developing immune system strength can be
easily accomplished by getting optimize individual cell function and through this, help decrease the overall risk of
gallbladder problems such as gall stones.

Cell therapy is another technique that is capable of targeting defective, or in this case overactive cells, and
regulating their internal systems in order to slow their activity. This is beneficial in the case of the gall bladder
because a slower and steadier release of bile would be optimal to a fast and potentially disruptive release. Cell
therapy would essentially be able to change the chemistry of the individual cells at a molecular level, allowing them
to balance out their functions, making them less prone to over activity.
Vitamins and supplements that can support the function of gallbladder
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infection. Recent studies have shown certain main vitamins and minerals may offer extra support to gallbladder
wall healthy. The correct antioxidant nutrients intake can maintain gallbladder health also assist to prevent
gallbladder problems that cause gallbladder attack or gallbladder pains. The regular diets can't provide a complete
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