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How to Prevent Liver Disease and Hepatic Disease?

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Natural ways to improve liver health

How to prevent liver disease? This is among the most commonly asked healthcare related queries with the
number of chronic liver disease cases are growing in the number. Globally there have been many researchers and
medical experts working on to create better care options and also suggest the preventive measures which are very
significant. A comprehensive understanding about the causes, symptoms and lifestyle preferences can help in
becoming more aware of the measures to handle or prevent liver disease. The liver disease or disorders are
classified under hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver tumors, and liver abscess among which hepatitis is a very common liver
disorder. Hepatitis is the disorder which is often referred to be the inflammation of the Liver. How to treat liver
disease is also depending on the causes and the causes of inflammation could be due to virus in many cases and
in certain cases inherited disorders do play an important causative role.       

  • Hepatic disease is classified into Hepatitis A, B, C and D. While Hepatitis A is caused by infected or
    contaminated water, Hepatitis B is caused due to infected body fluids such as blood, semen and vaginal
    fluids. Direct blood to blood contact is responsible for the occurrence or spread of Hepatitis C and infected
    needles and blood transfusions can cause Hepatitis D.  

  • Liver cirrhosis is caused due to excess consumption of alcohol for very long term and obesity. Fatty Liver is
    the condition which is caused by obesity and it can be inherited too.
Signs and symptoms of the liver problems

The signs and symptoms are similar to both the common liver disorders – Hepatitis and Cirrhosis. While Hepatitis
A is acute in nature, Hepatitis B, C and D are known for being chronic and they need continuous medical

  • The common symptoms include tiredness, fever, nausea, loss of appetite and pain under the ribs towards
    the right side of abdomen.  

  • Abdominal pain, fatigue, intestinal bleeding and itching are among the secondary symptoms that suggest
    confirmatory tests for liver problems such as liver cirrhosis.

  • Swelling due to fluid accumulation, especially in the legs and abdominal region is a symptom that is
    seriously considered for diagnosing liver disease.    

  • Weakness and weight loss are additional symptoms that are to be notified along with the primary and
    secondary liver disease symptoms.

In order to confirm the liver disease whether it is an alcoholic liver or fatty liver which are part of the overall liver
damage, there are several diagnostic tests recommended among which biopsy is a confirmatory test
recommended by the physicians.     
Vitamins and supplements to improve liver function for better health
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Staying nutritionally well and balanced diet can help for maintaining overall liver functions, Consuming antioxidant
rich diets beneficial to overall wellbeing for enhancing the immune system to improve liver conditions towards for
repairing and restoring the damaged liver and reduce the burden of liver and increase the ability of detoxification to
recover from hepatic disease. Loss of appetite is one of the most common symptoms of liver disease, a necessary
part of healthy diet and remain the balance of nutrition average intake, obviously, some of the antioxidant rich foods
are vital for development and liver health. Whether replenishing the liver's own nutrients, providing protecting to help
with balancing cholesterol levels or aiding overall function with natural antioxidants. The regular diets don't provide
the complete antioxidants for liver disease nutrition, it may difficult to get enough vitamins and other vital nutrients
from foods, if our body can't find enough vitamins from diets, it may be downright dangerous for health. Please be
noted that before order the right health supplements or nutrients to maintain healthier and stronger. It's better talk to
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Care and lifestyle suggestions in order to treat liver disease

The concern about how to treat liver disease or how to cure liver disease shall be well addressed by applying better
lifestyle practices in day to day life which is in compliance with the best medical advice.

  • Hepatitis A is the condition that needs natural recovery which has to be coupled with adequate bed rest and
    intake of moderate to high calorie meals in small quantities with short frequency.  

  • Hepatitis B and C are treated to arrest the spread of the virus and reduce the presence of virus to significant
    levels. It requires several months of medical supervision where the blood tests are to be done periodically
    to evaluate the response of the medicine.      

  • Immunization addresses the concern of how to cure Liver disease as immunization is targeted to prevent
    the occurrence of Hepatitis B.

Cure liver disease are possible through home care with proper diet which suggests avoiding bad carbohydrates
and consuming good carbohydrates. The bad carbohydrates include refined food such as sugars, white bread and
processed food. Unprocessed or moderately processed grains, beans, fruits and vegetables are the sources of
good carbohydrates. Saturated and trans-fats are damaging to the liver by causing fatty liver which can further
cause liver damage. It is therefore advised to avoid saturated fats in the diet and switch over to polyunsaturated fats
and healthy spices. Limiting alcoholic intake, regularly exercising and focusing on weight loss shall work well with
the objective of accomplished liver disease treatment.   
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