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Natural ways to protect lung from damage

How to prevent lung disease has been the question in the public health domain and there have been a lot of
research level updates in this area of health management. Pulmonology is the specialization that deals with
various aspects of the lung disease, its symptoms, treatment options and care required for the patients. There are
short team acute conditions and also chronic conditions that are related to the lung disease which is not limited to
any particular age group. It warrants people from different age groups to be cautious about lung infections and
related lung disorders.

The causes of lung disease could vary from exposure to external environment, climatic conditions and also be
induced by smoking. There are also certain substances that are known to cause allergies which in turn become
responsible for issues as breathing problem. Among various respiratory disease which are due to lung disease,
medical conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, emphysema and cystic fibrosis are the most common
respiratory or lung disorders. These respiratory disorders can mature to become or lead to severe chronic lung
diseases which are classified as pneumonia, tuberculosis and pulmonary edema; these are among the common
conditions which need constant medical intervention and continuous care.
Signs and symptoms of lung disease

The lung disease symptoms are generally referred to be the warning signs as many a time these symptoms are
related and cannot be differentiated purely based on the symptoms. There are many such diseases such as Lung
Cancer are not being diagnosed in a timely manner as many symptoms are mistaken to be common breathing
difficulty or lung infections.

  • Cough is the primary warning sign or symptom that indicates the possibility of lung problem. The planning
    phase of how to treat lung disease is often done from the time a patient is identified with chronic cough.

  • Chronic cough could mean a group of pulmonary and respiratory disorders and the aspect of how to cure
    lung disease depends on the early reporting of the choric cough.

  • Shortness of breath indicate the possibility of any blockage or damage caused in the respiratory track which
    could be due to an infection or rupture caused due to any other means.

  • The mucus formation which is revealed as sputum or phlegm could indicate the onset or occurrence of lung
    damage or severe lung infection in either of the lungs or in any one of the lungs. This condition can also be
    associated with persistent chest pain.

  • Coughing up of blood is a serious warning sign of the possibility of the development of lung nodulesr or any
    other severe condition that needs immediate medical attention.

When symptoms are noticed diagnostic procedures are done to identify the accurate condition of the lung disease.
The lung disease treatment is planned to first help the patients with symptomatic relief and followed by the long
term management of recovery. The lung problem in pediatric patients is to be noted with sensitivity as these
patients are susceptible for chronic diseases such as tuberculosis if not treated well in their childhood.
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Care and lifestyle suggestions to keep lungs healthy

The respiratory disorders such as breathing problem or breathing difficulty are well treated and it can be further
prevented with better care. There are many natural remedies that are available to cure lung disease and with
proactive diet and physical activity, lung health can be effectively enhanced.

  • To quit smoking is the foremost measure that is suggested to protect lungs from various infections and
    damage, second hand smoking which is also called as passive smoking is more risky than active
    smoking. Care has to be exercised during social events or gatherings not to be subjected to passive

  • Active lifestyle with adequate physical activity would keep healthy lungs. Outdoor walking or jogging for a
    minimum of fifteen minutes per day can keep the lungs active and revive the respiratory system on a regular

  • Identifying the substances or food contents that are allergic and avoiding their exposure can help in avoiding
    the weakening of lungs. Routine allergic reactions would affect the Lungs and also result in several
    breathing problems.

  • Maintaining healthy nutrition habits and diet with rich in fibrous food along with sufficient intake of water or
    fluids would strengthen the lungs.
Vitamins and supplements that keep lungs healthy
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Antioxidants rich diet regularly can help to promote optimal respiratory efficiency and protecting against respiratory
disease. The vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that perform hundreds of roles in the body to enhance
self-healing ability to rebuild damaged cells and tissues in lungs while using properly. Recent studies have shown
several key components from antioxidant could boost total wellbeing and plus benefit lung function overall to lower
the inflammation to prevent lung infections and other lung disorders. We all know that regular diets do not provide a
complete picture of antioxidant capacity to keep lung healthy, it may be difficult to get enough vitamins and other vital
nutrients from food, if our body can’t get enough these from diets, it may be downright dangerous for health. Please
be noted that before order the right health supplements or any nutrients to support lungs healthier and stronger. It's
better talk to health experts or professionals. Achieve and maintain overall lung health by using a good combination
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