Ways to reduce the risk of joint disease (pain, stiffness and swelling)

Osteoarthritis is a condition or disorder that is resulted from many disorders, which is also the cause behind the
occurrence of sustained joint pain. The sustained and long term joint pain is referred to be a chronic weakness or
numbness of the arms and leg. The effect of osteoarthritis is often on the complete joint region which also involves
muscles, bones and capsules. The osteoarthritis treatment is based on the condition with the one is presented,
mainly involving the weight bearing joints. Osteoarthritis diet is an essential aspect of determining about how to
prevent osteoarthritis. It is helpful to know the causes, symptoms, treatment options and the relevance of new age
therapies to effectively manage osteoarthritis.

The causes of osteoarthritis are many among which trauma and endocrinology disorders, trauma includes injuries
and certain repeated activities causing damage to the joints and also resulting in breaking of bone. Diabetes is
another pre-existing endocrinology disorder that can cause osteoarthritis. The existence of long-term inflammatory
joint diseases such as gout and rheumatoid diseases along with certain abnormalities including longer legs than
usual measure and other generic or neuropathic disorders are among people the commonly known causes for

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Joint Disease Pain, Stiffness Swelling Natural Remedies for Osteoarthritis

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Causes and symptoms of osteoarthritis

The osteoarthritis symptoms are pretty much evident and mostly attached with the manifestation of pain. It is also
an important aspect to know that all kinds of pain are not related to osteoarthritis and at the same time
osteoarthritis can’t be ignored thinking it as a simple or routine joint pain. In this context, the understanding and
timely identification of symptoms are very essential and play a very significant role in determining how to treat
osteoarthritis. There are pretty much advanced medical and natural ways to prevent osteoarthritis, considering the
fact that it is a chronic disorder, an early detection of it would help in determining the ways to reduce the effect of

  • Pain and stiffness presented with difficulty to move joints which is known to get worsen at times of resting
    and also during the night. It generally involves few joints, by the nature of it being inflammatory, excess pain
    is noticed. Excess and sustained pain indicates the possibility of osteoarthritis.

  • Swelling and enlargement of the fingertips shall be a potential indicator or symptom for osteoarthritis. It
    could be sudden and often associated with pain as well; redness is noticed alongside the swollen regions.

  • The effect on hip region is common and it is also due to certain occupational limitations, dealing with heavy
    physical workloads can affect the joints in the hip region. The involvement of knees and spine is very
    common; spinal cord involvement can quickly result in a condition commonly known as spondylosis.

  • One of the major symptoms is disability associated with mobility difficulties. Radiating or localized pain is
    experienced and cannot be cured with normal painkillers.

If the signs and symptoms are identified to be related with osteoarthritis, it is advisable to seek medical support
and also follow certain remedial measures to arrest it from spreading further.
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Prevent osteoarthritis through 2 main steps

1) Current research found daily consumption of collagen rich foods can help to restore bone density as the effective
natural remedies for osteoarthritis. Certain minerals and amino acids are essential nutrients play a significant role
for prevention of degenerative joint diseases, by reducing joint pain and stiffness through the correct combination of
additional vitamins can help to enhance the body's self healing ability to keep muscles, tendons, bones, cartilage,
joints and bursae healthier to fight joint disease that cause joint pain, joint stiffness and joint swelling. Regular diet
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2) Antioxidant rich foods can slow down aging process which can provides a form of cells therapy by increase bone
mass for natural healing or delay the onset of osteoarthritis, Current research found antioxidants containing variety
vitamins and nutrients that can be used as natural remedies for reducing osteoarthritis risk factors also aid to fight
against joint disease or other bone pains. Some important components in antioxidant can support nourishment for
protect overall health and minimizing aging-related bone loss. If you can’t get enough rich antioxidant foods with the
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Care and natural remedies for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disorder that affects mobility of a person and the care or treatment options are provided to help
the patient to regain or restore mobility. It is a crucial aspect to recognize that the mobility disorders are associated
with skeletal system and therefore the care and prevention options are focused on symptomatic relief, pain
management and restoration of the joint tissues. There are medical treatments available apart from surgical
interventions to treat osteoarthritis. Focusing on natural ways of treating osteoarthritis is also pretty much
recommended as per the standard care and management practices.

  • Osteoarthritis can’t be completely prevented because of certain risk factors such as gender, age and
    hereditary making it inevitable. But, considering the risk factors and modifying certain lifestyle measures can
    help in preventing it to a larger extent. It is also focused upon to delay the occurrence of osteoarthritis.

  • Managing occupational risks that involve excess kneeling, twisting, walking and lifting weights can help in
    delaying or preventing osteoarthritis.

  • Regular exercise can help in maintaining healthy joints and muscles. Exercising as per the physiotherapy
    instructions is recommended as there are well established scientific ways of exercising to relieve stiffness
    and reducing pain or fatigue.

  • Resting enough and sufficiently is important to maintain a sound bone and joint health.
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