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Ways to prevent & reduce the risk of osteoporosis

Both osteomalacia or osteoporosis are bone diseases involving porous bone and bone loses. It is a disorder
related to the skeletal system which is manifested through the weakening or thinning of bones. Though there are
many causes that are cited to be responsible for the occurrence of osteoporosis, calcium deficiency is the most
commonly known cause. It could be a temporary condition in some cases and in many cases it matures into a
more severe condition of skeletal disorder, resulting in painful fractures. In general, the focus to increase bone
density is the solution for how to improve osteoporosis. Vitamin-D deficiency is an additional cause to the calcium
deficiency which is the primary cause for reduction of the bone density.  A progressive bone disease that weakens
bones indicates the possibility of osteoporosis.  

Age and gender are also among the risk factors. Older people are more at risk of osteoporosis whereas the
females are more at risk of it when compared with males. Geographical and climatic conditions are known for
being responsible for inducing osteoporosis which is more in relationship with deficiencies of calcium and
exposure to less sunlight. Additional causes of this bone disorder include low body weight and hormonal
imbalances, it can be treated medically.  Osteoporosis natural treatment is also possible by following certain
prescribed osteoporosis diet practices.
Signs and symptoms of Osteoporosis

Similar to many other bone and skeletal disorders, osteoporosis is not very evident till it is properly revealed
through diagnosis. It is often related with pain, though all kinds of bone and joint pains are not due to osteoporosis,
pain can be considered as a potential primary symptom for the onset of osteoporosis.

  • Bone fractures are the direct indicators of the existence of this disorder, they confirm the possibility of
    osteoporosis while there have been many such incidents reported with the elderly people.

  • With age being such an important risk factor, the bones in the older people tend to become weaker and
    brittle, weak and brittle bones fracture easily. Such bone fractures are also very painful; fractures associated
    with pain are potentially due to osteoporosis.       

  • Sudden and unbearable back ache or pain in elderly women can cause spinal compression or spinal
    compression associated with fracture. Back pain is among the highly potential osteoporosis symptoms in
    aging women.

  • Osteopenia is the condition referred to the presence of thin bones, thin bones are also responsible for
    osteoporosis; in other words pre-existing condition of osteopenia is a potential threat or risk factor for

  • Though osteoporosis is age related disorder, juvenile osteoporosis is also common among children or
    pediatric patients. It is advised to refer any bone and joint pain related conditions for proper medical
    examination and diagnosis.

  • Major diagnostic practices are focused to determine the bone density which directly indicates the presence
    of weak or thin bones with potential for causing osteoporosis.
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Prevent osteoporosis through 2 major steps

1) High collagen intake can help to rebuild bone and prevent osteoporosis. In most cases, bone density level can
be improved through a diet rich in high-calcium foods. Certain minerals and amino acids are essential nutrients for
maintaining bone health that support of maturation of collagen occur in bone to prevent the bone loss that provide
bone and vertebral fracture repair through the processes by getting enough calcium as well as to reduce the risk of
broken bone caused by osteoporosis. Collagen can help to joint pain due to inflammation related to osteoporosis
risk factors. By taking the combination of additional amino acids can help to enhance the ability to maintain bones
and joints health to fight osteomalacia. Regular diets can't provide enough bone nutrients to increase bone density,
it may be difficult to get complete minerals and other vital nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium from
foods, if our body can't find enough these from diets, it can cause bone loss and increase the risk for osteoporosis.
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2) Daily consumption of correct nutrients can keep joints proper functioning. Antioxidants rich foods contain different
mechanisms assist the digestive system to absorbs and transports all the right nutrients body needs. Certain key
vitamins and nutrients in antioxidant foods can aid to maintain joint and bone health by increasing bone mass as a
natural remedy for reducing bone loss or delay the onset of osteoporosis. Recent studies shown high antioxidants
foods benefit to bone and joint health also aid to fright against joint disease or other bone pains including stiffness
and swelling. Probably no surprise of high antioxidants consuming that improved in regeneration of stronger bone
cells also can be applied to achieve better joint cartilage repair. If the daily consumption of nutrients from fruits and
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Lifestyle and new treatments for osteoporosis

Medical treatment for fractured bones due to osteoporosis is done through medications as well as surgical
interventions. Considering this of being a lifestyle and risk factors driven disorder, it is good to prevent the
occurrence of osteoporosis.

  • A lot of medical advice is given to the patients to address the aspect of how to reverse osteoporosis which
    is possible through lifestyle changes, proper medical care and attention.

  • Osteoporosis diet plays an important role in restoring anybody from osteoporosis, food supplements which
    abundantly have vitamin-D and calcium composition would be advised as per the patient’s age, body weight
    and other depending factors.  

  • A minimum of 600 international units of vitamin-D and calcium of 1000 milligrams intake is desirable in a
    day. This not only helps in strengthening the bones, but also helps in recovering from osteoporosis.

  • Cheese, yogurt, milk, sardines and soybeans are among the natural foods that are rich in calcium content.
    Though exposure to sunlight is an abundant source of vitamin-D, some people have trouble absorbing it
    natural way. Foods such as fatty fish and mushrooms are known to increase the composure of vitamin - D
    in body.     

Along with diet, exercise plays an important role in building up of the bones. Exercise and physical activity provide a
natural way of body building where bones are proportionally grown to support the entire body.        
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