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What causes prostatitis?

The prostate is a gland that is a part of the male reproductive system that grows bigger as one gets older. An
enlarged prostate is usually the source of prostate disease. The most common prostate problems that do not
include cancer are:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia is defined as having an enlarged prostate which is not cancerous. This is very
    common in men over the age of 50. This prostate disorder may make it difficult to urinate and may cause
    one to feel the need to urinate frequently.

  • Acute bacterial prostatitis is caused due to a bacterial infection in the prostate. This may induce fever and
    pain during the process of urination so blood in the urine will not be uncommon.

  • Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a bacterial infection in the prostate that reoccurs. This is rarer and is difficult
    to treat due to its frequency. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for such a condition so it is important to visit a
    doctor if you suspect you have such a condition.

  • Chronic prostatitis is also termed as chronic pelvic pain syndrome which symptoms include prostate pain
    in the lower back, groin area and penis. Men with this condition may feel the need to urinate frequently but
    with only a little amount of urine.

These conditions should be assessed with the aid of a medical professional to keep them from worsening. If any
of these symptoms should develop, seek a doctor as soon as possible for treatment.

Prostate problems facts and lifestyle

  • Men above the age of 50 have a greater risk of developing prostate issues.

  • Prostate disease is most common in African-American males.

  • Prostate cancer is often genetic so having relatives with prostate cancer is a risk factor.

  • Eating foods that are high in fats will increase the risk of developing prostate disease.

Making some changes to one’s lifestyle can help control the symptoms of such prostate conditions. These tips,
however, will not work in the case of prostate cancer, which will require a different approach. These measures will
help improve the lifestyle of those who suffer from prostate discomfort.

  • Limit beverages at nighttime in order to avoid night trips to the bathroom

  • Drinking caffeine or alcohol will increase the desire for urination which will cause unnecessary irritation in
    the bladder.

  • Taking diuretics will aggravate urinary symptoms. Ask your doctor about adjusting your dose and
    coordinating it with your daily activities.

  • Limiting decongestants will make it easier to urinate by relaxing the muscles around the urine duct.

  • Structure your bathroom visits in order to create a predictable schedule that your body can become used to.
    This can train the bladder to better handle urinary urges.

  • Keeping warm helps to reduce your urge to urinate versus being cold – this unnecessarily retains urine.
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Diet that beneficial to prevent prostate diseases

  • Pumpkin has a high carotenoids content

  • Tuna and salmon provide different amounts of omega-3

  • Tomatoes contain lycopene and glutathione

  • Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin.

  • Sweet potatoes at high level of Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Vitamins and supplements can protect and improve prostate health

There are few prostate diet or prostate nutrition related natural remedies for those suffering from prostate problems
with the exception of the regulation of fluid intake into the body. The same goes for a prostatitis diet which also
requires one to control intake of fluids as well. Being that prostate issues are mostly hereditary or are triggered by
age, these diseases can sometimes strike regardless of positive or negative lifestyle habits. Naturally, attempting
to reduce risk factors as much as possible can make a veritable difference. The problems that arise due to
prostate issues are also primarily due to dysfunctional cells in the prostate which can cause problems with the
chemistry of the surrounding tissue. These damaged or weakened cells can cause further infection or prostatitis in
risk prone individuals. Certain nutrients such as (Lycopene) benefits prostate function and decrease prostate
complications, which is capable of targeting individual cells and repairing the damage done to them over time,
prevent prostate infections and flushing out urinary tract, adhering to these simple practices ensures the health of
prostate gland and reduces pain associated with an enlarged prostate, by reducing swollen prostate glands that
might able to help individuals regain control over frequent urinary urges avoid prostatitis.
Vitamins and supplements to strengthen prostate
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It is a well known fact, certain vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients have healing ability for damaged tissue
by lowering the inflammation of the prostate gland. Consuming high levels antioxidant foods regularly for years that
can help to promotes optimal prostate health and proper urinary frequency and flow also reduce the risk of prostate
disease. Recent studies shown that antioxidant rich diets can help to maintain overall prostate health for preventing
prostatitis and other prostate disorders. The regular diet do not provide a complete picture of antioxidant capacity to
protect the prostate gland and maintain its healthy function, it may be difficult to get enough vitamins and other vital
nutrients from foods, if our body can’t find enough these from diets, it may downright dangerous for health. Please
be noted that before order the right health supplements or any nutrients to keep prostate healthier and stronger. It's
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