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Ways to prevent period cramps

The issues such as how to reduce menstrual cramps and menstrual disorder are very pertinent to women who
often suffer from pain caused because of cramps especially in the lower abdominal region. These are throbbing in
nature which is related with painful periods because of which this menstrual problems is referred to metrorrhagia
and irregular menstruation. Women do experience such cramping at the onset of menstrual periods which can be
extended to the rest of the cycle. It is very painful and troublesome, if the there is an extended pain throughout the  
menstruation. The whole focus has been rather about how to ease menstrual cramps as menstrual problems are
considered to be common among women, the focus is also about making women be aware of the menstrual
cramp remedies to deal with menstrual problems and menstrual pain subsequently. While most of the women
consider the heavy menstrual bleeding and irregular menstrual cycle as simply annoying and troublesome at work,
there could be more to it in terms of health complications that could have far reaching consequences in the future.
Therefore it is equally important to know the measures of menstrual pain relief as there are plenty of time-tested
menstrual cramp treatment options.

  • Looking at the causes of menstrual cramps, it is mostly due to an irregular menstruation which might
    involve uterine fibroids. This is a condition referred to be endometriosis which is nothing by the excess
    contraction of abdominal muscles which begins from the uterine region.

  • In most of the cases, the muscles of the uterus are involved in contraction and further blocking or pressing
    of the surrounding blood vessels.

  • It also results in the internal suffocation, there could be scarcity of oxygen supply to the respective blood
    vessels; such suffocation can cause abnormal and unbearable pain which is related with cramps.

  • Since these cramps are occurring due to and during the menstruation period in women, they are referred to
    be the menstrual cramps.
Signs & symptoms of the menstrual cramps

Pain is the major sign of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and therefore it is also considered to be the primary
symptom of this disorder in women. But, there has to be caution and health advice to be taken to differentiate the
normal pain during any menstrual period with the menstrual cramps.

  • Though both the normal pain and the pain due to PMS cramps begins by being mild, the pain because of
    cramps remains dull and constant, which can further radiate into the surrounding regions of the abdomen.
    Thighs, hip and lower back are the most common surrounding regions of the abdomen where pain
    radiates. The pain could either be constant and radiating or it can be intense and throbbing within the
    abdominal region itself.

  • The secondary symptoms are nausea, loose stools, headache and dizziness. Medical intervention is
    advised if the same pattern is observed during consecutive menstrual cycles or intensity of pain is higher to
    be classified as unbearable.

  • Often cramps are also associated with other gynecological complications which may either be related or
    unrelated to the menstrual cycle.    
Super vitamins and supplements as natural menstrual cramp remedies
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Certain vitamin and nutrients can help with menstrual cramps. A number of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables
can be as an option that may help to ease menstrual pain, a combination of amino acids and nutrients may assist
hormones balance to prevent period cramps from menstrual disorder naturally ease menstrual pain. Consuming
the correct nutrients through antioxidants rich foods can help to boost overall immune response to avoid menstrual
problems or irregular menstruation that reduce the risk of painful periods or metrorrhagia. High antioxidants intake  
can support nourishment to support metabolism function to nourish cells and provide energy to against diseases.  
The regular diets may not provide a complete picture of antioxidant capacity to keep healthy, it may be difficult to get
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Preventive and natural menstrual cramp remedies

Exercising and regular work out are noted to be among the most accepted preventive measures or remedies
against menstrual cramps. There are certain specific aerobics which are recommended for women which can
condition the body to avert cramps during menstrual periods. Prescribed anti inflammatory drugs can be helpful in
preventing severe pain and formation of cramps, based on the medical advice women can try some of these
medications right at the beginning of menstrual cycle or if there is any indication of cramps.

Care and lifestyle suggestions to reduce menstrual cramps

Tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption are among the lifestyle risks that enhance complications including the
menstrual cramps; they reduce the immunity and also increase the stress in women. So, it is a statutory health
advice to quit smoking and regulate alcohol consumption. Meditation and focus on emotional wellness can
enhance the possibilities of easing down the pain due to menstrual cramps.

Dietary suggestions to ease menstrual pain

Diet plays a vital role in enhancing the overall health and improving caliber or stamina to deal with gender specific
complications in painful periods. In this case, the list of foods to avoid is longer with dietary recommendations to
avoid caffeine, salt and sugar containing foods. High fat foods are also not recommended where as fruits and
vegetables can be more enabling to avert the possibility of menstrual cramps.
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