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Ways to ease period pains

Dysmenorrhea is a gender specific disorder or heath related complication which is commonly observed in women
during menstruation. Menstruation is a unique biological process in women therefore it becomes a gender specific
health issue. This has many implications on menstruating women which includes physical, emotional and
psychological discomfort. In simpler terms, it is referred as dysmenorrhoea as pain is the major manifestation
because of which there are concerns about how to ease menstrual cramps. It is also wise to refer dysmenorrhea
as menstrual cramps as period pains can relate to any pain a woman experiences during the phase of
menstruation. The manifestation of pain during dysmenorrhea can be of different types ranging from sharp to
shooting pain which could also be nauseating with burning sensation associated with it. Dysmenorrhea also is
classified as secondary and primary dysmenorrhea based on the signs and symptoms. A sudden irregular
menstrual can either cause painful period or it can be the result of dysmenorrhea, in which ever way the cycle is
identified, menstrual cramp relief and menstrual cramps treatment shall primarily focus on objective pain relief and

  • The causes of dysmenorrhea are diverse and they vary from one individual to another. Though menstrual
    problems and menstrual pain are pretty common in women, the dysmenorrhea caused due to ovarian cysts
    and pelvic congestion shall be treated with special care as it can lead to several other related complications.

  • The primary cause of the dysmenorrhea is due to the contractions in the uterine muscles, the uterus in the
    women is highly muscular in nature which can possibly be excessively contracting during the menstrual

  • All women are at risk from the second or third year of the onset of menstruation which is caused due to the
    contraction and pressing of the surrounding blood vessels of the uterus which is also associated with poor
    or inadequate oxygen supply. Pain is also related to the partial lack of oxygen supply to the contracting
    muscles of the uterus.
Causes & symptoms of dysmenorrhea

The signs and symptoms of Atherosclerosis at a matured state are identified based on the functional changes and
physical observations of various organs and regions in the body.

  • The primary symptom of the dysmenorrhea is pain which may be mild to moderate to begin with which can
    also become severe with time. Pain is specifically noted in the abdominal region which can also spread or
    radiate towards inner thighs.

  • Pain in the lower back and hip regions is commonly noticed which is also evident during the matured state
    of dysmenorrhea.

  • Along with the pain, feeling of excessive pressure in the abdominal region is the definitive sign of
    dysmenorrhea in a menstruating woman. If the symptoms are included with loose stools, stomach upset
    and vomiting, it is considered to be a very severe disorder involving dysmenorrhea.

  • The secondary symptoms are related to the primary ones which may include nausea, constipation,
    headache and dizziness. Most of the symptoms are also related to the hormonal changes that happen
    during the menstruation which also happens with the ovulation process. In several severe cases, women
    are seen to be fainting with an exhaustive experience of fatigue.    
Natural remedies and supplements for dysmenorrhea treatment
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Preventive and remedial measures for dysmenorrhea

The preventive measures against dysmenorrhea in women are mostly related with medical alertness. Since there
is a perception that menstruation cycles is anyway related with pain, most of the women may ignore the signs and
symptoms which are specially related with dysmenorrhea. It is always good to have preventive medical checkup
done before and after the menstrual cycle to assess the possibility of menstrual cramp relief and also be oriented
about how to cure dysmenorrhea. Being cautious about the lifestyle changes that can impact the menstrual routine
is very important and it can prove to be crucial in many ways.

Care and lifestyle suggestions for menstrual cramp relief

Though dysmenorrhea can be very well treated medically, it is better to go by the standard measures of care and
alter the lifestyle based on expert suggestions. It is well documented that smoking and drinking alcohol could have
adverse affects on women’s health which is pretty much applicable for dysmenorrhea. In addition to tobacco and
alcohol, it is also wise to limit the intake of caffeine and high fat food items.  

Dietary suggestions to prevent dysmenorrhea

During the phase of dysmenorrhea occurrence and for those women who are at its risk, medical experts
recommend vegetarian diet. Foods recommended for women suffering from menstrual cramps are bananas,
wheat germ, sunflower seeds, pineapple juice, ginger, spinach and oats.
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