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The most common types of scars on face and treatment options

Scars are caused when body tissue is injured and recovers. Scarring is a normal healing process in the human
body and when it occurs on the skin, it usually leaves a slight discoloration. When the body is naturally repaired, the
scar will appear at the affected site as a purplish spot until it becomes lighter in color over time. Scars or marks can
be identified visually and should be separated from birthmarks, especially large ones on the skin which are a result
of cuts or scrapes.

Scars can only be formed on the skin if the cut of scrape reaches the second layer of skin, the dermis. If the
damage is only done to the epidermis which is the uppermost layer of skin, no scars will be left. Scars are capable
of causing a structural change in the anatomical composition of the dermis; it is not simply a color change.

Common scars that are of particular concern cosmetically are scars resulting from acne or scars resulting from
pimples during youth. Scars that result from acne or pimples are natural given that acne is difficult to prevent,
especially in severe cases.

Preventions with natural scar remedy

One way to prevent scars on face is to try to keep the face skin clean and healthy. Although this sounds simple, life
is often complicated and the skin can become damaged in day to day activities. When this does happen, it will be
prudent to care for the wound carefully in order to minimize scarring. It is important to keep the wound clean at all
times and not to peel the scab unless it is already falling off. Prevent the wound from inflection and keep the wound
uncovered once it has scabbed. If these methods are adhered to, the visibility of scar tissue can be minimized. This
is the best form of natural acne scars home remedies.

Although there is no realistic method for scar removal, there are ways to implement scar reduction in the skin. One
method for this is cosmetic makeup which can cover up the blemish left by the scar. Another method to remove
acne scar is dermabrasion which is removal of skin cells at the surface in order to let the scar skin to match the
color of the surrounding skin cells to allow new skin regrow.

Less avoidable scarring occurs in the case of acne, which is difficult to deal with and aesthetically problematic.
Often times acne scars will leave uneven pits in the skin and may cause the enlargement of pores. Using today’s
technology, these scars are still difficult to treat. The best way to not develop these scars is to avoid acne in the first
place by using acne treatment products and by keeping the face clean and oil free. Scar removal creams and scar
removal gels are types of acne scar home treatments that can help diminish scars but are often unable to remove
them completely.

Vitamins intake is helpful in pimple scars on face

  • Cucumber

  • Whole Wheat

  • Blueberries

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Carrots (Contain Vitamin A)

  • Foods Rich in Omega-3 (Flax Seeds, Almonds, Cottonseed, Safflower, Canola, Vegetable Or Olive Oils).
Vitamins and supplements on treating acne scars and skin damage
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Pimple and acne scar home remedies through 3 Major steps

1) To remove acne and pimple scars on the surface of the face's can be accomplished in three steps. Improve skin
quality through rich antioxidant intake to boost skin immunity by preventing infection or irritation that cause acne and
pimple. Daily consumption of high antioxidants are beneficial for overall skin health. Recent studies shown certain
vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that perform hundreds of roles in body to enhance self-healing ability
to rebuild damaged cells and tissues while using properly. The regular diets may not provide a complete picture of
antioxidant capacity to keep skin exterior in fabulous shape. Simply check out the following link access more about
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2) The second step involves balancing of the sebum production through a high antioxidants facial serum to support
nourishment for nourish skin cells to prevent any new pimples and acne on face, however, the appearance not only
of pimple scar removal but also improvement of skin quality by targeting the skin cells themselves with ABLE finest
concept micro extract technology works to support the existing skin cells by restoring them to a radiant and youthful
state. The early-stage plant embryo stem cells extract utilizes the cutting-edge cell therapies to remove oil and fluid
from the pores and top skin layers so which can tighten loose skin. There are many benefits for both the inside and
outside of the skin and tissues. The powerful triangle of combination scar remedy can also promote healthy aging
properties in the skin cells growth to combat hormonal factors causing pimples, acne, zit or spot. Learn more about
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3) Collagen is main structural protein in skin also a key component that regulate moisture and elasticity. For all we
know, acne and pimple related hormonal changed that may affect the structure of skin tissues, also can affect the
skin color for the appearance. The collagen ratio in the skin drops may be created unwanted spots and melasma.
Certain amino acids and minerals from collagen can help to enhance the body's ability to maintain skin healthy for
reducing scar build up. It may be hard to fine enough collagen and other vital nutrients from foods, if our body can't
find enough nutrients from food sources, it might be at higher risk for skin problems Check out to learn more about
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