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Causes of cosmetic or make up allergies

Cosmetics or beauty products can, in certain individuals, cause anything to mild rashes to severe allergic
reactions. These allergies can appear after trying out a new product once or even after many years of using the
same product.

There are two kinds of reactions that may occur after using cosmetics. One is known as irritant contact dermatitis
which is caused by something that actually damages the skin cells. Areas where the skin is thin are more
susceptible to this dermatitis. It is the most common type of cosmetic allergy. Symptoms of this cosmetic allergy
may include burning, itching or stinging where the product was applied. Blisters and discharge may occur in the
area when aggravated.

Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when the individual is allergic to a specific ingredient in the make-up. This
reaction is of the immune system and may have symptoms that include redness, swelling, hives and itching. This
reaction may occur on any part of the body, though it mostly occurs on the place where the make up was applied.

Fragrances and perfumes are most often the cause of common cosmetic allergies because of the chemical
products used to produce a specific smell. Specific cosmetic ingredients may cause an allergic reaction in certain
people so if you know you are allergic to a certain chemical, it would be highly advantageous to avoid cosmetics
that contain them.
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Treat cosmetic and make up allergy through 3 major steps

1) Cosmetic allergies may pose a serious allergic risk as allergies from the toxic chemicals concealed in makeup
products with the capability of producing extreme reactions at any time. To reduce cosmetics allergies that they can
be achieved in a combination of three procedures. By improving skin quality through rich antioxidant intake to boost
overall skin cells immune, deeper tissue and muscle metabolism. Consuming antioxidant rich diets regularly that
beneficial overall skin health to against make up allergy. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that perform
hundreds of roles in the body to enhance self-healing ability to rebuild damaged cells and tissues in skin. Regular
diets do not provide a complete picture of antioxidant capacity to reduce the risk of cosmetic allergies, if body can't
find enough these from diets, it's downright dangerous for skin health. Click the following link to learn more about
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2) By balancing skin conditions through a full of skin nourishing plants high in antioxidants capacities facial serum
to support nourishment for nourish skin cells to prevent cosmetic allergies on face. However, the appearance not
only of sensitive skin redness relief but also stimulating skin cells function by targeting the cells themselves along
with proper skin nutrition that can be done to help reduce the sensitivity of cosmetics that would normally cause an
allergic response. The unique concept of the micro extract technology works to improve the existing skin cells of the
tissue structure restoring back to a more youthful state. The early-stage plant embryo stem cells extract technology
utilizes cell therapy technique to reduce inflammation or damage barrier layer. There are many benefits for both the
inside and outside of the skin and tissues, the triangle combination cosmetic allergy remedy can also promote the
healthy aging properties in skin cells that capable to combat hormonal factors causing redness and itching. Learn
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3) Collagen ratio in the skin drops might bring down the overall skin structure and function. Collagen is a structural
protein found in our body that provide the flexibility and resilience for skin and tissue required. Recent studies have
shown certain minerals and amino acids from collagen can re-instill firmness and improve skin texture also further
to maintain skin healthy to reduce cosmetic allergy symptoms build up. As we age, our skin degrade ability to heal
itself that is linked to sensitive skin may cause itching, burning, stinging, or tightness from lost nourish support. By
increasing collagen levels can actually help with both inside and outside of skin in positive results at anti-aging for
repairing heavily worn out tissue to restore to its healthy stage. To learn more about the collagen nutrients that work
for overall improvement in tissues and skin cells:
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In ancient Egypt and traditional Chinese medical theory believed that the sheep placenta contain nutrients that can
rejuvenate tissues and help to strengthen immune functions. The powerful and fascinating energy that can help to
restore the self recovery ability and assist to speed up skin wound healing process are still something of a mystery
to us. To learn more the uniqueness benefits of sheep placenta that can assist with cell renewal and regeneration.
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Prevention and remedies for cosmetic allergies

There are many ways to prevent cosmetic allergies; however, remedies for cosmetic allergies are more difficult as
they may require antibiotics or medication to reduce the severity of the reaction. It is always best to avoid cosmetics
that have the possibility of producing a severe allergy.

For mild allergies, there are common cosmetic allergy treatments that can be found in department or drug stores.
To treat mild allergies, it may be helpful to use skin ointments that contain cortisone such as hydrocortisone to help
reduce the itching and swelling in the affected area. If the skin becomes blistered, a stronger antibiotic may be

The best way to prevent allergies of this sort is to simply avoid them. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Read the ingredients list found on the container. If there is an ingredient found on the list that has caused a
    reaction in a past instance, do not use that product.

  • Before applying a product, use a small amount of it on yourself before actually applying the full product to
    test for an allergic reaction.

  • Look for cosmetics that are allergen free or scent-free. They may have a lower chance to cause an allergic
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