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Prevention & treatments for parkinson's disease

Parkinson’s is a nervous disease similar to dementia such as memory loss which can only be treated to extend
the quality of life and without any objective to cure it. It is manifested through a process of nervous degeneration,
this disease is a common condition affecting seniors, but the young people are also not a complete exception to it.
Since it is caused due to damage and degeneration of the nerves, it shall also have psychological and neurological
impact on the person suffering from this. The challenge of how to treat parkinson’s disease can be deliberated
through the parkinson’s disease symptoms and cause of parkinsonism.

Memory lost during the early stages, it can be noted through numbness or stiffness of a limb. It can also be noted
from trembling of a hand which further spreads to other parts of the body, affecting muscles movements. Causes of
parkinson’s disease are many which can be more centric around the usage of drugs and reactions to them. Stroke
can also end up with parkinson’s disease and a brain tumor is a potential cause for it too. The hydrocephalus and
encephalitis may possible causes parkinson’s disease in people of all age groups. alzheimer's, dementia, senility
and memory loss are of causes the manifestations of parkinsonism.
Signs and symptoms of parkinson’s disease

Being a movement or locomotive disorder, parkinson’s disease has most of the signs and symptoms related with
body movements, stiffness and rigidity. However, rigidity is one of the most commonly noted first sign or symptom
of this disease.

  • The tests can be started with slight sense or amount of uneasiness followed by stiffness and rigidity in the
    body functioning, especially with the physical movements. People with parkinson’s disease are found to be
    confused with certain words and they struggle to recollect some of the very familiar people during the initial
    stages of the disease.

  • This sort of confusion would make them feel anxious and leads into depression. At the later or more
    advanced stages of parkinson’s disease, it is identified through disruption to routine activities as the
    patients are presented with most of the symptoms at once.

  • One of the practical ways of confirming the possibility of parkinson’s disease is to ask the patient to swing
    the arms fully as people with this disease find it very difficult to perform such a physical activity.  

The additional symptoms are absurd speech or talking, reduction in the eye blinking and unguided rolling of the
thumb or index fingers. Problems with swallowing food and abnormalities in the voice are the advanced indications
of the parkinson’s disease.
Antioxidant supplements for parkinson's is beneficial and wise
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Daily consumption of high antioxidants from fruits and vegetables that can provide excellent nutrients to boost brain
activity and may also reduce the risk of parkinsonism. Antioxidants rich foods contain different key nutrients are truly
helpful to the brain function to protect brain cells from damage for minimising the risk of neuron degeneration that
cause cell injury, protects dopaminergic neurons in experimental models of parkinson. Current research found the
certain minerals and amino acids multi vitamins can enhance the body’s ability to preserve cognitive functioning to
possibly slow down the dementia and alzheimer's. If food sources don't provide a complete picture of antioxidants
capacity to reduce the risk of getting parkinson's diseases, if body can't absorb enough nutrients from diets. It may
downright dangerous for health. Please be noted that before order any correct health supplements or nutrients for
treatment options. It's better talk to health experts or professionals. Check the following link to read more about the
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Care & suggestions of parkinson’s disease treatment

Though there is no cure for parkinson’s disease, it can be very well treated to help achieving symptomatic relief.
Some of the severe symptoms can be reduced with medical care and cautious treatment.

  • The treatments for parkinson’s disease is completely personalized which varies from person to person.
    The goals can be achieving the neurotransmitter balance which is possible when dopamine levels are

  • Therefore the medical treatment is always focused on the possibilities to increase dopamine levels by
    which balance in the physical activity can be restored or can be stopped from further worsening.

  • Reducing the rigidity and increasing mobility can be achieved through medical treatment.

  • Since it is also associated with alzheimer's counselors and speech therapists do play an important role in
    psychologically dealing with certain complexities like anxiety and depression, which make parkinson’s
    disease symptoms to become more distressing.

Diet and nutrition shall play a vital role in recovery as the key in the care options to achieve strong bones. Strong
bones shall help during falls which are common for the patients with parkinson’s disease. Preventing falls is a very
important suggestion for care and when falls occur unfortunately, it should not hurt the patient’s skeletal system.
Therefore plenty of water with balanced nutritious diet is recommended. Though exercise is very difficult for those
who are suffering, normal efforts are to be kept going to ensure there is an adequate physical activity.
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