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Ways to prevent & reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis

The rheumatoid arthritis is classified under autoimmune diseases, which is presented with joint pains from
unknown origin affecting the joints, muscles surrounding them and entire body in general. So, how to treat
rheumatoid arthritis and are there any ways to avoid rheumatoid arthritis? It can be considerably treated and care
options are pretty much available, understanding the causes and symptoms can help in the awareness of how to
prevent rheumatoid arthritis. Autoimmune diseases are different from the immunodeficiency as the body’s own
immune system is responsible for causing these disorders.

Though the exact causes are not categorically established, it is known to be the result of internal immune system
affecting the tissues and muscles because of certain misguided actions by the immune system. In this case of
rheumatoid arthritis, it is the inflammation caused because of the autoimmune system in the region of bone joints,
severely affecting the muscular tissues. During the advanced stages, it can affect multiple organs too. One of the
major effects of the rheumatoid arthritis is the deformity of the body joints because of severe and repeated
inflammatory attacks.  It can further cause damage to bones and ligaments which initially is identified through
swelling of the body around the joints. Similar to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) including osteoarthritis and psoriatic
arthritis that form of inflammatory arthritis.
Rheumatoid arthritis causes, symptoms and treatment

Since the cause of the rheumatoid arthritis is not precisely known as the same has been the subject of research for
many years, the dependency on the symptoms to effectively treat it is significant.

  • The symptoms are evident during the active phase of rheumatoid arthritis; it has both active and inactive
    phases. The inactive phase is referred to be remission phase. The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis can
    reoccur during its relapsed phase.

  • The patients suffering with this condition would experience the remission and relapse phases clearly
    based on the signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

  • The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are evident during the mornings, immediately after waking up from
    bed; the inflammatory effects are displayed through severe pain and inactivity which is also referred to be
    the morning stiffness.    

  • Fatigue and energy loss are the primary symptoms which are also accompanied with low or loss of appetite
    and joint stiffness.  

  • Weakness and difficulty in walking or performing regular physical activity due to inflammatory joints indicate
    the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis.

Sometimes it is short term in nature and at times, it can be prolonged to several months. It might start off with the
involvement of one or few joints and can spread on to become an inflammatory autoimmune disorder involving
multiple joints. In severe and rare conditions, it can also result in the stiffness of the joints supporting vocal cords,
resulting in loss or severe damage of voice. Rheumatoid arthritis can also be more complicated with organ level
inflammation causing conditions such as chest pain, shortness of breath, anemia and spleen enlargement which
are among the well known complications due to ignored or untreated rheumatoid arthritis.
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Control inflammation and slow or stop down RA through 2 major steps

1) One of the essential amino acids in collagen can help to build bone density to boost bone health. As we age, our
bodies naturally decrease production of collagen. If collagen intakes in natural diet do not get enough for our body
needs. It may be easy to jump to the conclusion that taking collagen supplements to prevent joint pain and arthritis.
Rheum arthritis being a chronic disease without a cure has been a medical challenge for long time. All we know of
collagen contain certain key minerals, amino acids and multi vitamins which are the major physiological structural
protein primary support bone joint health. The real advantage of taking collagen is evident in the research phases
of rheumatoid arthritis management. Collagen remedies is positive and promising in terms of repairing damaged
cells and help in restoring the injury to the joints to rebuild new structural and functional tissues, if you can not find
enough nutrients from natural sources, It may be harmful to your bone and joint health. Learn more about the best
known collagen significant effect in fighting against arthritis inflammatory and joint pain. It is the truly natural super
food supplements for RA prevention and treatments:
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2) A number of such natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis supplements are available over the counter including
omega-3 fatty acids and collagen is one of the most necessary amino acids for increase bone density and against
joint health. Daily consumption of high antioxidants from fruits and vegetables that can provide excellent nutrients to
promotes healthy joint function and may also reduce the risk of joint disease. Antioxidants rich foods have different
key nutrients can assist to maintain overall joint health, aid to fight inflammation to prevent arthritis. If our body can't
find enough nutrients from diets. It may downright dangerous for health. Please be noted that before order any right
health supplements or nutrients for treatment options. It's better talk to health experts or professionals. Learn more
about the super combination of antioxidants for prevention and treatments performed in skin and deeper structures
include hyaline cartilage and bone tissues:
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Diet & treatments for rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Lifestyle is very essential for the management of the rheum arthritis as there are no specific treatment options apart
from the targeted symptomatic relief. Medically, it is a temporary relief to help the inflammation subside and prevent
it from becoming more complicated, affecting multiple joints and organs.

  • Systematic exercise, physical activity and good diet can prevent the occurrence or relapse of the disease.
    The physical activity should also be balanced without causing more stress on bones and joints. It has to be
    targeted to keep them more flexible and active. Swimming is a highly recommended physical activity.

  • Intake of calcium rich foods along with enough exposure to vitamin-D is helpful in improving the overall
    bone and joints health. High absorption of nutritious foods that can contribute to the strengthening of bones
    is essential. In relation to this, it is recommended to avoid excess consumptions of wheat, barley and rye.  

  • It is also observed that the tobacco consumption or cigarette smoking can be adversely effective in terms of
    deteriorating bone health, quitting or considerably reducing tobacco and alcohol consumption can be a
    preventive measure.

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