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Causes of heart disease & prevention

Heart disease, or cardiovascular disease also called cardiac diseases, is an umbrella term that describes a
variety of diseases affecting the heart. The broad range of diseases that qualify as a heart disease include
aliments of the blood vessels such as coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, heart infection and other congenital
heart defects.

Cardiovascular disease if often used interchangeably with heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is used to refer
to diseases that involve a blood vessel that has been narrowed or blocked. This may lead to a heart attack or
stroke. Other heart problems such as irregular heartbeat rhythm or infections are also considered a form of heart

A common type of heart disease, coronary heart disease, starts with the inner lining of the arteries becoming
damaged. There are several risk factors that include smoking or secondhand smoke, a diet high in fats and
cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar due to diabetes, or blood vessel inflammation. When the
arteries are damaged, plaque may begin to build up. This process may start as early as childhood. This plaque will
narrow the artery and reduce the volume of blood that is allowed to flow to the heart. If the clot becomes large
enough, it might block the whole artery causing a heart attack. Similar conditions can also lead to stroke.
Heart attack (myocardial infarction) symptoms

Symptoms of heart disease will vary depending on the type. The most common ones are:

Cardiovascular disease causes the blood vessels to become blocked or narrowed. Symptoms of this include
chest pain, shortness of breath, pain, numbness, or weakness in the parts of the body the blood vessels are
affected in. Many individuals might be unaware of such a condition until it becomes very severe. Thus, visiting a
doctor to discuss any of these symptoms is important.

Arrhythmia or an abnormal heartbeat is classified by the heart beating too quickly, too slowly or irregularly.
Arrhythmia symptoms include a fluttering sensation in the heart area, excessively fast heartbeat, slow heartbeat,
chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheadedness or fainting spells.

Serious heart conditions may experience unstable angina pectoris that originate from birth defects in the heart
cases of congestive heart failure, the symptoms that include skin color changes into pale or blue, swelling in the
legs, abdomen or eyes, or poor weight gain.

The above symptoms are not always an indication of heart disease, they can also be less serious conditions. Only
a doctor can make a diagnosis and it is important to see a doctor if such symptoms arise.
Vitamins and supplements that may help heart disease
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Consuming high levels of antioxidants can help to prevent heart disease to support healthy blood flow to lower the
risk of heart attack. Recent studies have linked a number of antioxidants that found in fruits and vegetables can be
used as prevention of hart problems by lowering blood pressure can decrease chances of having a heart attack or
stroke. A good combination of vitamins and nutrients can enhance body’s ability to support healthy blood pressure
to prevent congestive heart failure that cause cardiac diseases and cardiovascular diseases or angina. The regular
diets don't provide a complete picture of antioxidant capacity to maintain heart healthy, it maybe hard to get enough
vitamins and other vital nutrients from foods, if our body can't find enough these valuable nutrients from diets, it can
lead to the dangerous of increasing the risk for stroke or heart failure. Read more about the super antioxidants food
supplements for prevention and treatments:
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Lifestyle a little bite changes can prevent heart disease

  • Read the  food nutrition labels is important when choosing a healthy diet

  • Drink moderate amounts of red wine a day actually good for the heart

  • Try to quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes

  • Choose the high fiber & low saturated fat foods

  • Get at least 8 solid hours of sleep per night

  • Managing your weight with healthy eating

  • Make exercise a part of your daily routine

  • Take essential vitamin supplements

  • Stay positive thinking and attitude
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