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Causes of kidney disease (renal insufficiency)

Kidney disease also known as nephropathy or renal disease, is a condition in which waste products from the
blood are unable to be effectively filtered through the kidneys. This causes waste products and nutrients to build up
to dangerous levels in the blood. The two main forms of renal failure include acute kidney disease and chronic
renal disease.

The acute form of nephritis can be caused by side effects of certain drugs, pain medication and blood pressure
medication or a sudden blockage of urine. Blockage may result from kidney stones, a tumor or an enlarged
prostate. Chronic kidney diseases are most commonly caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney
infections which can all reduce the functionality of the kidneys.

Chances of developing acute renal failure are increased in the elderly, those with long term health issues such as
kidney or liver disease and in those who have recently undergone heart surgery or a bone marrow transplant.
Kidney failure signs and symptoms

Because the failure of kidney function is associated with the body being unable to clear out waste products;
weakness, shortness of breath, lethargy and swelling of the body may occur. From here, if untreated, 5 stages of
kidney disease may results become life threatening.

  • Mental function may suffer leading to coma due to an excessive amount of refuse in the blood.

  • Acidification of the blood will cause organ failure by changing enzyme and oxygen metabolism.

  • Faster breathing may occur to try to get rid of the body’s acid load. This is done by releasing carbon dioxide
    to buffer the pH levels in the blood. Blood pressure may also rise, leading to heart failure.

  • Decreased blood cell count may lead to anemia or feelings of tiredness. Less blood cell equate to even
    less metabolism of oxygen. With lower levels of oxygen, blood cells naturally increase acid production which
    will compound the effects of the already acidified blood.

  • Erratic and abnormal heart palpitations may occur due to one’s inability to reduce the amount of potassium
    in the body.
Vitamins and supplements that may help kidney function
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People with kidney disease can be greatly benefited from the correct of vitamins, amino acids and nutrients. Recent
studies found diabetic increases the risk of kidney failure. Certain antioxidant-rich foods may improve blood sugar
levels that can help to prevent or delay prediabetes from developing into type 2 diabetes. In an addition to maintain
body chemical balance to keep kidneys healthy, beside eating in variety of plant-based diets lower blood pressure,
taking a helpful natural supplements that can provide nourishment towards keep kidneys healthy conditions. The
regular diet can not provide a complete antioxidants to combat kidney failure, it may be hard to get enough vitamins
and other vital nutrients from foods, if our body can't find enough these from diets, it may downright dangerous for
health. Most medications are toxic to organs such as the liver and kidneys. Please be noted that before order the
right health supplements or nutrients to maintain kidney healthier and stronger. It's better talk to health experts or
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Prevention for kidney problems

Acute renal failure can be hard to prevent but the risk can be reduced by reading over-the-counter medication labels
carefully, managing kidney issues with your doctor and by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Risk of developing chronic kidney disease can be lowered by not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and
drinking alcohol only in moderation.
Healthy diet for people who with kidney disease

  • Fruits such as: apples, tangerines, pineapple, plums, blueberries, peaches, raspberries, pears, red grapes
    and cherries.

  • Vegetables including: broccoli, red bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, eggplant,
    garlic, lettuce, onion, pumpkin, cauliflower, watercress and zucchini.

Avoid burden on the kidneys

  • Try to limit the amounts of sodium in diet that can help to control high blood pressure and thirsty. A low-
    sodium diet is typically recommended.

  • Fluid can be build up in the body, excess fluids can cause edema or swelling, try reduce fluid levels in the

  • Control the potassium rich foods - the meat substitutes, dairy and seeds such as turkey, salmon, yogurt,
    milk, soy milk, beans and peanut butter.

  • Avoid foods contain heavy chemical such as tofu, spinach, rhubarb, nuts, beans, beets, dark leafy green
    vegetables, tea, chocolates and wheat bran contain large amount of the compound oxalate the can become
    stored in the kidney.

  • The foods also need to limit that can help to reduce the burden on the kidneys that including milk, yogurt,
    cheese, liver, nuts, beans, and chocolates.
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