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Lung disease signs & causes

Lung disease is classified as any complication that might keep one’s lungs from functioning correctly. The three
most common varieties of lung disease are lung tissue disease, airway diseases and lung circulation diseases.
Lung tissue diseases alter the normal structure of the lungs and can make it difficult to breathe by preventing the
lungs from expanding fully. This may be caused by scarring or inflammation in the lung tissue.

Airway diseases affect the tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs. These aliments commonly encompass a
blockage or restriction of the airways. The causes of airway diseases include respiratory disease, interstitial lung
disease, pulmonary fibrosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, idiopathic lung disease and lung infection.

Lung circulation disease influences the blood vessels in the lungs and is caused by damage specifically in these
blood vessels. This condition may also affect the heart.
Lung disease symptoms

Symptoms of lung disease are broad and might also indicate non-serious conditions. Only a doctor can make a
diagnosis and it is important to see a doctor of such symptoms arise.

  • A cough that persists for more than a month is a considered to be a chronic cough. This might be an early
    indication of complications in one’s respiratory system.

  • Shortness of breath that occurs after little to no physical exertion is not considered normal. Such a
    sensation of difficulty breathing may be a warning sign for lung disease.

  • The production of excess mucus from the airways can be a response to infections or air particulates. If there
    is an abnormal amount of mucus produced for over a month, one should see a doctor.

  • Wheezing, or an unusual noise that is produced when something is blocking the airway may indicate lung

  • Coughing up blood from the lungs or the airways is a serious health risk whether or not it is related to lung
    disease. However, if the source of the blood is from the lungs, it may be linked to respiratory problems.

  • Unexplained pain in the chest area that lasts for longer than a month, particularly if it occurs when one
    breathes, is a risk factor for lung disease.
Best vitamins and supplements that may support lung health
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prove strong and capable to get enough these nutrients from diet, it may downright dangerous for health. Please be
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Lung disease cure tips & treatments

  • Stop smoking right away, secondhand smoke also be harmful to the lungs.

  • Dust is the enemy of the lungs. Try not to vacuum, mow or rake the lawn yourself.

  • Clean or replace the filters for heating and cooling systems once per month.

  • Never use aerosol air fresheners inside the house.

  • Air filtration systems help reduce the symptoms of allergies.

  • Wash covers of mattresses and pillows often.

  • Avoid foam stuffed furniture, toys, animals or carpet.

  • Ensure a humidity level below fifty percent on a persistent basis.

  • Wear a mask on windy days in order to avoid dust, mold spores or pollen.
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