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Ulcerative colitis causes

Ulcerative colitis occurs when the colon, or large intestine, becomes inflamed. The colon is the part of the large
intestine that removes water from waste material and stores it until excretion. Crohn’s disease is also a disease
that involves the inflammation of the intestines that is closely linked to ulcerative colitis. They are together
commonly known as inflammatory bowel disease. Both these diseases are chronic illnesses that may last for
many years, even decades. Ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disease due to an unwarranted activation of the
immune response.

The direct causes of ulcerative colitis are still to this day unknown. It is also unknown if it can be transmitted or
caused by an infection. It is, however, common for ulcerative colitis to run in the family. It is hypothesized that the
disease is genetically inherited due to it being more likely that among groups of first degree relatives, the chance of
developing ulcerative colitis is increased.
Ulcerative colitis symptoms

The colon and rectum are both affected by ulcerative colitis. It can cause swelling and redness in the lining of the
colon and can cause additional ulceration in both areas. This may lead to abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, diarrhea
and the secretion of mucus.

Some other symptoms that are less common include fatigue, appetite loss, joint pain, swelling, liver problems and
anemia (lack of red blood cells in the body).

While most patients are diagnosed before the age of thirty years old, some might even develop the condition when
they are still children.
Best vitamins and supplements help manage ulcerative colitis
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Ulcerative colitis care and diet

Despite knowing very little about the causes of ulcerative colitis, there are many ways to reduce the symptoms that
one is feeling. Most of these remedies involve changes in lifestyle habits and one’s diet.

  • Limit dairy products, especially if one is lactose intolerant.

  • Avoid foods that can make a person gassy such as broccoli or beans.

  • Eat small meals and drink lots of fluid. Water is usually the best choice.

  • Foods that are high in fiber may actually aggravate ulcerative colitis. Test out the amount of fiber that you are
    comfortable with.

  • Try multivitamins due to the fact that ulcerative colitis can change the way nutrients are absorbed in the
    intestinal tract.

  • Stress can alter normal bowel functions and can trigger flare ups. Exercise can help reduce stress and
    smooth out bowel function. Experiment with exercise regiments that do not interfere with ulcerative colitis

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques can also help cope with stress.
What foods to avoid with ulcerative colitis

It's important to self manage ulcerative colitis with a healthy diet habits, Specific foods or eating habits can make it
worse, that including: alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, hot sauce, hot pepper, peanut butters, spicy foods.
fiber-rich foods, popcorn, olive, seeds and nuts.
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